Home Made Guess Who

I was scrolling though my Facebook news feed yesterday when I came across a picture that a friend had liked - it was: Home Made Guess Who - People You Actually Know!  Then I Googled it and discovered that lots of people have done this before!

Now, if you've read my posts about Guess Who deals then you'll know I'm a BIG fan of Guess Who; I used to play it with my cousin on Saturday afternoon's at her house - for some reason Bernard always stuck in my head; I can still picture his picture clear as day.

Now, lets' suppose you've had Guess Who in your household for a few years and it's novelty and entertainment factor has worn off - REVIVE it by replacing Bernard et al with photos of people you know and 'know'!

You could find and print off pictures of your child's favourite characters and celebrities, or you could use family and friends - really, your choices are pretty endless and I rather suspect that, with a set of family and friends images, a fair bit of hilarity could be had by the grown-ups after a dinner party with friends and a couple of bottles of wine!

If you don't have Guess Who already, keep an eye out for a set in charity shops or car boot sales (if you are mad enough to spend the very early hours of the weekends searching through things that other people don't want - you can tell I'm not a 'car boot girl' hey!)

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  • dmtuk
    Wilkinsons have there own version of guess who for £2.50 at the moment

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