Home Made Dummy Clips

Once again I've come across a ParentHack that makes me wonder whether I have capacity for ingenious thought whatsoever; I love the hacks but, my goodness, I wish I could come up with just one clever one myself!

My eldest son was never interested in dummies, sucking his thumb or fingers and he never had a security blanket of any kind.

My daughter (now almost 17) had dummies and those waffle blankets with the ribbon edging from Mothercare - she'll not be happy with me for telling you, but she still has and loves her blankets this very day!  Although she doesn't feel the need to carry them around with her any more *smirk*

My youngest son (he'll be six on Tuesday and is having a Science Party in the Park today - please keep your fingers crossed for us regarding the weather and dodging rain showers!) liked dummies too and he has a 'noo-nur' - a piece of silk that he likes to snuggle his face into when he goes to sleep.

I don't remember buying dummy clips when my daughter was little, but I do remember buying a couple to keep tabs on the ones Edward had and they weren't that great - they were only any good if there was a clothing edge to attach them to, if you see what I mean, and then the ribbon wasn't long enough!

If I'd have that bit of ingenious thought I mentioned earlier then I would have come up with this home made dummy clip myself; if you feel the same about shop bought dummy clips or simply want to save yourself a few pennies by making your own (that will be FAR more effective) then take a look at the home made dummy clip Parent Hack ----> HERE.

All you'll need is a little bulldog clip and some ribbon; SEE, I told you it was simple!

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