Hang Your Baby!

7 November 2010

babyKeeper SIGH!  Not THAT sort of hanging - although tempting when your lovely little babies become hormone ravaged teenagers!

Picture this scenario quickly:

You've gone out on your own and decided to carry your little one in a sling, rather than haul the pushchair out.

You're mooching through town when all of a sudden nature calls and you need to visit the loo.  The Parent and Baby facilities don't have a loo where you are, so you have no option but to use the normal grown-up ones.

WHAT do you do with the baby in the sling?

I don't know about you, but the thought of perching on the pan with a child still slung round my shoulders is LESS than appealing!  Putting them on the floor is just a huge NO NO!!

So I'm rather enamoured with this BabyKeeper; hang them from the back of the door! Problem SOLVED!

HANG them from the back of the door!

They don't have to go anywhere near the floor, you can pee in peace (albeit that they're looking at you, but you'll be used to that by then anyway...trust me!) and you'll both be on your way again with no fuss and no drama.

I think it's clever - what say you?


  • Mummy
    And how does it actually stay there? Surely baby would slide down into a heap on there floor? lol!
  • Mummy
    Ok I see hooks lol! Wouldn't trust it to be honest?!
  • Luschka O.
    Lol, sorry, but as someone who still 'wears' my 13 month old in a sling, I'm going to pass, thanks! That just looks like something else to have to carry - remember there's no pushchair trolley to carry it in if you're using a sling. Added to which, I've gone to the loo plenty with her in a sling. It's no biggy at all. Maybe for a guy, but not for me!
  • Beankeeper
    Am I assuming that you are trusting a load of strange people outside the door to not think it funny to push up the hooks and leave you peeing all over your trousers whilst trying to stop your most precious thing from fracturing their skull on the germ ridden tiled floor. It's not that difficult to have a pee holding a small child!
  • Lynley O.
    I don't know where you live Beankeeper but I can't imagine that many people would actually do that?! I'm with Luschka. I didn't use a sling, but a baby carrier, and never worried about sitting on the loo with baby on my chest. It isn't like there's going to be any splash back to worry about or anything!
  • Luschka O.
    hahaha. Nope. Unless you're doing something very very wrong! :p
  • Jessica
    I agree with Luschka and Lynley, I wear my baby and have gone to the toilet plenty of times wearing him without a problem. Not only does this seem like another unnecessary thing to carry around, it seems like a money trap first time parents would be convinced they need. Oh, and I am pretty sure my son would use his feet to push himself away from the wall...he would find a way to fall!

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