Frog Wall Stickers-Come-Blackboard!

frogStickers Oh I LOVE these!

The title pretty much gives the game away - these are frog wall stickers that are chalkboard coated so your little one can draw on the walls without drawing on the walls!

They'll also have some rather funky looking frog 'wallpaper' that isn't wallpaper.

You can draw, and write, on them with normal chalk and then just clean it off with a clean damp cloth when you want to start again.

They come in two colours - black and green - and each frog measures 40cm x 38cm.

There seems to be a sale on these at Dotty Dot because there are two prices listed - the normal price of £12.50 each or the sale price of £8.75 <-------- I like the look of that price best!

What do you think?

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