Keep Your Fridge And Cupboards Ring Free

cleanFridgeHack Mess, dust, dirt, skank, gungy scum and general chaos drives me nuts. Don't get me wrong, I'm no domestic goddess and I don't live in a show home (impossible with teenagers, toddlers, dogs and cats) but there are certain things that I am a bit obsessive about - ring marks in my fridge or kitchen cupboards!

It all started with the sunflower oil one day, I'd had enough of it leaving oily mess in the bottom of my cupboard so I grabbed a washed plastic round Bombay Potato dish (don't ask me why I kept it, I don't remember) and stood the sunflower oil bottle in that.

My problem was solved, no more oily rings; fabulous.

I can't bear my fridge being untidy or the shelves and drawers anything but sparkling clean either, so I have NO idea why I hadn't thought of THIS before, especially after my Bombay Potato dish flash of inspiration.

Happy Clean Fridges!

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