Free Competitions: Win an iPad2, 3D TV, Let's Rock Elmo and Herbalife Aloe Shampoo and Conditioner

We've featured deals for this Let's Rock Elmo a fair few times on PlayPennies - if you've never fancied buying one then perhaps you might want to try and win one.

The answer is 'C - 2009' and the closing date for entries is 31 January.

A PlayPennies competition wouldn't be a PlayPennies competition without the chance to win an iPad2 - Father Christmas STILL didn't take the hint and bring me one so I'll just keep trying to win one until he does, because I'm a tightfisted so-and-so and really don't fancy spending a load of cash on one only for Apple to bring out a new one!

There's no question to answer, just hand over your details before 31 January.

My youngest son got a Nintendo 3DS for Christmas and it's WEIRD! I remember it seemed to take a while for HD TVs to take off - now they're, pretty much, the norm.  I wonder whether it will take just as long, if not longer - if at ALL - for 3D TVs to catch on and become common place in our homes.

If you don't care and want one now, without having to buy one, then enter this competition to win a 40" 3D HD Internet TV.

The answer is 'Pyscho' and the closing date for entries is 31 January.

If your hair is taking a beating between the cold weather outside (although not as cold as the weather guys predicted back in September - remember the apocalyptic winter forecast and then we ended up with the mildest December on record!) and the heating on inside then you might want to have a bash at winning this Herablife Aloe Shampoo and Conditioner.

I've used both and both are absolutely amazing; try it (assuming you win it of course!)

The answer is 'Aloe Vera' and you need to enter before 19 January.


Thanks to Dipsy11 and Taf at HUKD

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