Free Competitions: Win Some HUGE Headphones

It's funny how, as you get older, you notice that the popularity and trend of things come and go.  I remember when HUGE headphones were super cool (as were giant stereo stack systems!), then all of a sudden they were very UNcool and tiny, tiny headphones were the only thing for your ears to be seen with.

Well, now it's come full circle and GIANT headphones are cool once more - if you'd like to win a pair of Motörhead Phones (apparently, they're for the super-cool die-hard music fan only!) then enter this competition.

The answer to the question is: Sweden and the closing date for entries is 5 February.

We've been through the obligatory iPhone 4 competitions; we've been through the obligatory iPhone 4S competitions; the omnipresent iPad comps and now, heaven help us, there's going to be a never ending supply of iPad mini competitions!

GREAT news if you don't want to pay for an iPad mini and can't quite bring yourself to try and steal one; boring, if you really couldn't care less.

You only have to give your opinion on various things, and hand over your details before 31 January, to be in with a chance of winning. 


Thanks to pjj1805 and marba01 at HUKD

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