What Do You Do With All Those Little Food Storage Pots?

It's not something that's ever occurred to me, although I'm not sure why as I dread to think how many baby food storage pots I've bought over the years - what do you DO with them when you're well past the weaning/small portions/snack storage phase?

It seems such a shame to throw them away and, whilst I've not looked, I'm not sure how much of a second-hand market there is for them.

What have you done with yours?

I love dropping in on the clever folks that inhabit ParentHacks now and again - they really have some good ideas and if you've been wondering what to do with all your little plastic food pots, they have some suggestions for you.

Do you have a little one who loves to pick up and collect things when you're out and about?  Y'know - random stones, bits of stick, acorns and all sorts of other things that absolutely MUST be taken home and kept.

I'm kicking myself for not being clever enough to have thought of this before, but pots with lids would be PERFECT for my teenage daughter to keep all her hair grips, clips and hair bands in - if someone could also tell me where all the lost hair things go, that would be great.

For DIYers - little screws, nuts, bolts and other hardware bits and pieces will happily live in baby food pots.

Junk drawer organisers? Perfect!

SEE the possibilities are almost endless - if you've got any clever suggestions let us know here or perhaps start a thread over on our shiny new forum (that's the forum LINK  is at the top of the page *grin*)


  • chelle78
    I find them great for small bits in kids lunchboxes; fairy cakes don't get squashed, apricot or raisins can be portioned out, the options are endless, I think they're much better then endless sandwich bags!
  • LynleyOram
    The little weaning pots I got, which had lids on them and were sort of like ice cubs (but bigger) so you could freeze them, have come in immensely useful. I chop up all my fresh herbs, and freeze them in the pots.

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