The Most Expensive Children's Bed?

"We'll try and help you to cut down on the costs of parenthood!"  that's what we strive to do here at PlayPennies - it's on our About page, if you've never read it - and we're always on the prowl for bargains or ways to save cash.

Now doing this for a couple of years has either turned me into a tight-fisted old witch (some would argue I've always been that) or I've lost sight of when something is worth paying a fair bit of money for.  However, try as I might to find justification for the price of this Castello bed, I can't.

Have a look at the picture again, before you read on, and decide how much you think it costs - I won't say how much you think it's worth because, trust me, unless it was gold-plated or studded with Swarovski crystals I wouldn't value it at its retail price.

You've had a look?  You see that it's a nice looking cabin bed with stairs and has some play space underneath? I can't tell you whether the mattress is included or not as it doesn't say, but let's assume not, as most beds don't.

So, have you got a price in mind? You have? Good.  I bet it isn't anywhere NEAR the whopping £1,300 that you'd need to spend to have this children's bed delivered to your house - actually, you'd have to pay £1,350 to have it delivered; delivery within the UK is £50 (that makes Argos' £5.95 next day delivery charge look positively cheap!).

I'd love to know how many have been sold.  Even with a fair amount of money at my disposal, I still can't imagine I'd EVER be inclined to spend the best part of one and a half thousand pounds on a bed that my child was going to grow out of in a few years.

Tell me, if you didn't need to worry about money overly much, would YOU spend this amount of money on a child's bed?  And if you know why/how on earth it's so expensive please enlighten me, because I really can't figure it out.

What do you think?

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