Dry Wet Shoes In The Tumble Drier Without Them Banging Round And Round

I came across this nifty little solution on Parent Hacks and then sat here for a good half an hour umming and ahhhing about sharing it - not because it's not clever, it is, but because I wonder just how many of us have the need to, or would ever, dry shoes in the tumble drier?

Then I figured, if it just gets one of two of us out of a hole and helps to keep our sanity intact then it can only be a good thing!

I have, on the very odd occasion had need to put shoes in the tumble drier; it was an emergency, they weren't expensive and it was worth a bash, they weren't leather either - which reminds me of a funny story - my friend's dog got hold of her not-cheap leather school shoes and chewed off part of the strap. Fearing her dad was going to go berserk she decided to dry the strap in the microwave before trying to sew it back onto her shoe.  Wet leather SHRINKS when it's dried in the microwave on high heat and her dad did go berserk.

Being worth a 'bash' was the operative word here - those shoes banged and crashed their way round and round the tumble drier, on low heat, for at least an hour; it was NOT fun.

The Parent Hack solution is to tie the laces together and shut them in the door - the shoes are suspended but can't tumble round and round, they're drying becomes silent; marvellous.

If they don't stay put that way then tie the laces to something long that can sit, like a brace, against the machine door on the outside - if you can picture what I mean?

You can read the original hack HERE and I was quite amused by the 'you can clean cheap flip flops in the dishwasher too' comment that someone left - a good idea, although maybe only for mine, if you ever see the state of my eldest son's flip-flops then NO!

What do you think?

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