Double-Handled Mug @ The Future Perfect Company

doubleHandledMug It shouldn't take you too long to realise that The Future Perfect Company isn't a company who aim their products at kids.

I can't even remember how I came across The Future Perfect Company but I saw these double-handled ceramic mugs on their site and thought they'd be great for kids too.

All three of my children started off with the obligatory plastic double-handled Tommee Tippee cup; at some point they wanted to move away from plastic, be like everyone else and drink from proper mugs or glasses instead.

That was all very well and good but glasses don't come with handles and have a big circumference for little hands to try and grasp and ceramic mugs are heavy, combine that with a handle on one side only and they become somewhat lop-sided.

So even though these double-handled mugs are intended for people at the other end of the age range scale, I think they're great for kids who want to be like the grown ups and ditch their plastic fantastic drinking cups.

They start from £14 each, but if you follow the link above you'll be able to pick up two for £20.

What do you think?

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