Contain Your Dice!

Here's another clever idea from those lateral thinking folks over at ParentHacks...

If you've got small children who are just getting into board games that involve rolling dice, you'll know how exuberant they can be when it comes to rolling and, unless there's a little dice arena to contain them in (a'la Yahtzee!) just how far those little cubes can fly!

Whilst this is all part of the fun for enthusiastic young game players, it can get more than a little tedious - let alone irritating when a die vanishes without trace, rendering the game well and truly over until it can be found or replaced.

So here's the hack - again, a stupidly simple one that will leave you wondering why your brain doesn't leap to these logical solutions:

  1. Get a small, clear plastic container (with a lid)
  2. Put the dice inside
  3. Replace lid, firmly; then
  4. Shake those dice around with as much flair and flourish as you can muster!

Not only will they not fly off in different directions across the room, they'll make an awesome (as far as kids are concerned) amount of noise rattling around in the container; marvellous.

Click HERE to read the original hack.

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