Cussons Mum and Me Bump Congratulations Gift Pack 50p @ Tesco Direct



The Cussons Mum & Me Bump Congratulations Gift Set is only 50p at Tesco Direct. It can be delivered free of charge to your local Tesco or home delivery costs £3

This is a lovely set of trial products and includes:- Bump Relax & Unwind Bath Soak, New Mum Hand Gel, Baby Sleep Tight Baby Bath and a Muslin Cloth.

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I think this is a real bargain at 50p, as it seems to retail for significantly more everywhere else. The next cheapest I could find was on Amazon at £6.47.

The website states that these come with a £1 voucher. The sets I've bought previously have had £1.80 worth of vouchers inside but either way, you're getting more back in vouchers than you're spending.

A lovely gift for a friend who is expecting a baby or just for yourself.  The bonus is the vouchers inside.

When you're being paid more in vouchers than the actual product costs, it seems a shame not to grab them while you can!

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