Cookie Monster Cupcakes

cookieMonsterCupcakes I love cupcakes.

In fact, I love any sort of cake really but ones that look clever and are simple to make, make me really happy.

It was my youngest's fifth birthday a couple of weeks ago and we threw him a party in the park.  It has to have been the easiest birthday party ever - bouncy castle, a few frisbies, footballs and cricket bats, along with all the wooden adventure trail equipment, slides, swings and roundabout to play on.

Parents and siblings were invited to stay (we couldn't keep an eye on everyone!) and were asked to bring their own picnic lunch; we provided enough CAKES to feed the five thousand.

I made 60 muffins with my teenage daughter and my ex-mother-in-law made several of  her lethal lemon drizzle and coffee and walnut cakes - it's amazing I didn't put on three stone over that weekend!

Anyway, the muffins went down a storm but they're not very exciting to look at, not like these Cookie Monster cupcakes!

The Cookie Monster from Sesame Street was one of my favourite characters of all; him and The Count "ah-ah-ahhhh!"

I'm all partied out now until November, and I'm not sure that Cookie Monster cupcakes will be the order of the day for a 17 and 16-year-old - so perhaps YOU can have a bash at them, let us know how you got on and whether they went down a storm or not.

What do you think?

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