Cloud Lamp

cloudLamp I have a very clear image in my head of going into B&Q when I was small and falling in love with some rolls of cloud wallpaper; it came in pink or blue and just had little stereotypically shaped white clouds printed on it.

I wanted that wallpaper, desperately.

I hadn't though of it for years until I came across this cloud lamp on a Chinese design website.

The original site was in Chinese and Google Chrome kindly translated it for me, which makes for interesting reading, and it would seem that these particular cloud lamps are just design concepts at the moment.

There are other cloud lamps available on the market to buy - go HERE and look for 'cloud hanging lamp' in the products section - but none of them look as good or stylish as the one on the Zhao Liping site.

It would make for fabulous soft lighting in a nursery and I love how the end of the pull cord is shaped like a raindrop.

Fingers crossed this cloud lamp is actually put into production; if it already has been then I can't find it for love nor money and, trust, me I've used all my Google ninja skills to try and find it for sale somewhere.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to go forth and find somewhere we can buy this cloud lamp from; cloud lovers everywhere will thank you!

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