What To Do With Clothes That Need To Be Hung When You Take Them Out Of The Drier

I tend to do the majority of the household laundry at the weekends - it just makes sense as this is when kids' school uniforms are done with for the week.

The rule is that washing needs to be in the utility room on a Friday evening or very early Saturday morning, things brought down on a Sunday afternoon will be turned away and no amount of teenage sulking or begging will persuade me to wash 'just one last thing'.

So, the washing machine is invariably working like a trooper, if it's sunny there will be things billowing on the line otherwise they'll be in the tumble drier or hanging over radiators.  When one washing load is done it will be in the basket waiting to be swapped for clean, dry things.

What to do with the dry bits and pieces that require hanging up, rather than folding, has often been cause for 'muttering' - my tumble drier is in the garage and if I get to the things inside just as they finish I can, sometimes, get away with not ironing too much and THAT can only be a good thing.

However, folding (even lightly) can ruin this crease-free happiness - so I'm rather thrilled by this parent hack (and it's a funny read too) that I've come across and am going to try it!  For things that require instant hanging...PUT THEM ON when you take them out of the tumble drier.

Genius! Sure you're going to look a bit daft (have a look at the pictures in posted by Bewildered Mother - she's the one who came up with the hack - and you'll see what I mean) but if it means less ironing then I don't CARE!

What do you think?

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