Cardboard Playhouses

25 July 2010

Cardboard_Box_Toy_H I'm really going to show my age now, whenever I come across cardboard playhouses I hear this song by Living in a Box from waaaaay back in 1987  - if you don't remember it, you either weren't living in the country at the time or you're a young whipper-snapper! - ha! late 1980s fashion and music at its very best *grin*

Anyway, back to the business in hand!

How many times have you bought a present that's come in a HUGE cardboard box and your child has had more fun playing in the box than with the toy it contained?

There's something great about hiding, and playing, in cardboard boxes! I loved doing that as a kid, all of my kids loved doing it and I love being the grown-up now who gets to cut holes out for windows and doors.

Of course, if you're really cool you're windows will be hinged on one side so you can open and close them - I have perfected the art over the years.

But what if you want to go a step further than that and have a proper playhouse? So buy a proper playhouse!

But what if you don't have the space to have a permament building structure dominating the room OR the not-insignificant amount of cash required to buy one?

Buy a cardboard playhouse! I think these are simply genius if you aren't content with just any old box or want something 'more'.

They come flat-packed, you can put them up in minutes AND take them down again in minutes when they're not being played in and you need to reclaim the space.

They come in various shapes, sizes and colours - traditional playhouse, rocket ship, teepee, castle, igloo, princess castle, garrsion fort the list goes on!

They have to be the ultimate in cardboard box playtime and they're perfect for eco-friendly warriers too, just bung it in the recycling bin when it's time to move on.

I'm not sure they'll ever replace the magic of playing with a bog-standard cardboard box that was only ever intended to be packaging, but they still look pretty cool to me!

What do you think?

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