Busy Or Quiet Boxes For Children

From a point of complete hypocrisy and an inability to stick to a schedule or routine, I say the following: sometimes the best way to cope as a stay at home, work at home or work out of the home parent - so basically, a parent - is with planning (see the hypocrisy? I certainly don't manage it most of the time!)  I love the idea and think if you can get yourself organised, you'll have much easier a time of it day to day. And when I saw "you"....

Anyway, in theory, you basically have a box of 'quiet time' activities for each child for each day of the week, thereby rotating toys and having everything you need ready to go at the drop of a hat. I guess you could take the idea further and have different style boxes for each day - for example busy boxes, noisy boxes, outside boxes and so on, depending on how your days were scheduled.  It's a great, great idea!


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