Breast Milk Ice Cream, Anyone?

Breastmilk Icecream

Talking about breastfeeding and it's benefits is one of the fastest ways of starting a war on most forums these days, and although improving, general public attitudes towards breastfeeding are still rather poor.

This is nowhere more obvious than in the articles that hit the press from time to time about a breastfeeding mother being kicked out of a restaurant or off a bus, or the silent but unrelenting Facebook war against “obscene” breastfeeding groups.

I wonder then, whether the world at large is ready for the latest breastfeeding related headline: A London ice cream shop is selling breast milk ice cream. At £14 a serving, with a little Madagascan vanilla and lemon zest for flavouring, the Covent Garden based Icecreamists served 50 helpings on the first day, and have since sold out.

Icecreamists founder, Matt O'Connor, 44, is confident his new flavour will go over well with customers. "The Baby Gaga tastes creamy and rich. No one's done anything interesting with ice cream in the last hundred years. We've come up with a method of infusing ice-cream with [human] milk. We wanted to completely reinvent it. And by using [human] milk we've definitely given it a 100% makeover. It's just one of a dozen radical new flavours we've invented. We want to change the way people think about ice cream."

Somehow I think that'll be the least of the problems, and that it's the societal view of breast milk and breastfeeding that'll be harder to change – as today's Yahoo! Poll shows with 83% of respondents saying they would NOT try breast milk ice cream.

Personally, as a breastfeeding mother, I'd love to see the trend continue: Icecreamists have paid their milk donors £15 for 10oz of breast milk, and since the NHS won't take your milk once your baby is six months old, it's wonderful to see excess milk put to good use. Donors have to undergo the same testing as they would for the NHS too, so there's no health threat and in fact there's no more organic, natural or nutritional milk source for ice cream to be made from.

I don't really see it being flavour of the month in Ben & Jerry's anytime soon, but anything that gets people talking about breast milk and breastfeeding gets the thumbs up from me.

So, PlayPennies readers: Would you try a scoop of Breast milk Ice Cream?

*Image from the Daily Mail.


  • Denny S.
    Where as this might be news to some of you, I actually own a shop in he Alps where we serve the best selling beer known to the western world. Yes the ingredients you ask? Well Pisse™ has set the standard for excellence by using only the finest organic whole food ingredients available in the world. The highly sophisticated Elite range contains premium organic whole food ingredients which are enzymatically active and abundant in highly valuable phytonutrients, rich in health-enhancing colourful pigments and packed full of a wide spectrum of naturally occurring bioactive compounds. YES WE USE THE FINEST URINE selected by our team of professional, sofisicated and elite group of Pissheads available on the planet. Business is booming since some intellectuals are now exploring new ways of pleasing the human desire to eat and drink any shiyt that they physically can. Watch this space as there are new ideas in the sour desserts area that are now coming to light.
  • Yaser
    Quality Denny, ha ha! This is gross; something from little britain.
  • mum t.
    Trust a man to come up with such a stupid reply! you are quite happy to drink another animals milk but not human milk! I have 3 children and did my best to breast feed all three of them, any mother who chooses not to even try it really needs to rethink what is more important? For me giving my children the best start in life will always come first I will do anything for my children and breastfeeding is also on of them, despite the general public opinion on it. A Dads priority should also be to give his baby the best start in life, so I never really understand why breastfeeding is such a problem. I guess not all parents put what's best for their kids first, over their own self conscious/sexual needs, shame really.
  • Eleanor
    It makes me sad that two of the comments here are completely ridiculous. Urine was never designed for drinking, it is a waste product. Human breast milk is specifically designed for human consumption, cow breast milk is specifically designed for cow consumption but happily it is also suitable for human consumption. I went back to work only 8 weeks after having my first child and expressed milk for the whole of her first year for my husband, a stay at home dad, to feed her. It is thanks to only the ridiculous and bizarre being reported when it comes to breastfeeding, for example that stupid sketch on Little Britain (which I hate!) or only the people being asked to leave restaurants that the general public have such a phobia of a perfectly normal thing. Even this ice cream article has been sensationalised and put into the "weird" section of the newspapers rather than just a press release saying how normal it could be with more milk donors. Get a grip men, stop being pathetic and consider the little babies for a change.
  • debadwolff
    Brilliant Denny absolutely brilliant. I have breastfed all my children (4 at last count!) and have absolutely no desire to taste boob milk icecream! Milk from breasts is for babies for crying out loud and honestly wouldn't try it - yeuch!
  • SlayerKat
    I'm quite happy to drink breastmilk but would prefer my own ha ha! I'm already highly suspicioius of all the hormones they're pummping into cows to make milk, it's practically made me vegan.
  • Lynley O.
    yes I wish I could afford to just drink organic milk.
  • SlayerKat
    I know what you mean Lynley. We do only drink organic milk by cutting back on other luxuries and also only buying the milk when it's on offer (2 for £3 etc). However what I can't afford is the organic yogurt, organic cheese etc. And then I think what's the point in drinking organic milk when the other dairy products we use are non-organic.. SIGH anyway I suppose every little bit we do does make some difference.
  • Lynley O.
    my son guzzles down yoghurt. I used to buy organic yoghurt for him as he eats far more of that than milk! But his favourite, Yeo Valley Strawberry Smoothes, disappeared from the shelves at the supermarket and I haven't seen it come back. I'm reluctant to buy their chidren's version of the same thing as you get a smaller pot for pretty much the same price grrr. I wish I had some luxuries left to cut back on. Is the recession over yet? LOL My order of preference when it comes to buying organic is below. How far I get down the list depends on the cash flow that week! 1. Potatoes 2. Carrots 3. Yoghurts 4. Broccolli 5. Milk

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