Bottoms Up Trouser Suspenders

Years and years ago I remember when stockings and suspenders were considered to be the height of sexiness - maybe they still are, I've just grown out of that particular stereotype.

Sock suspenders for men, always cause plenty of giggling as they are anything but sexy; however, you can't deny their usefulness if you have socks that keep falling down.

Even less sexy, but even MORE practical and useful than men's sock suspenders, are these Bottoms Up trouser suspenders for preggy mums!   Ohhhh how I could have used these when I was pregnant with my children -  they cost $19.75 and are stretchy bands of fabric that attach to the sides of your bra and skirt/shorts/trousers etc keeping them in place and your modesty intact!

Back in the early 90s leggings were the maternity wear of choice - the wonderfulness that is the Isabella Oliver maternity range didn't exist - and towards the end it was tough to keep those things from staying put when you bent over or sat down.

And just before my youngest arrived I was wearing pairs of maternity jeans that, whilst were comfy, just didn't stay up unless their adjustable bands were made so tight they became painful within half an hour.

Unless you know someone in the United States who can order these for you, you're going to have to see if you can make your own version because there's no option for international delivery.

That said, you can set up a virtual USA mailing address which allows you to order items that only dispatch within the US and then have them mailed here, I have one and it's VERY useful when it comes to buying things that are half the price they are in the UK - just Google 'set up USA virtual postal address' and you'll have lots of companies offering this service to choose from.

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