Bloom Fresco High Chair - I WANT ONE!

3 November 2010

bloomFresco Even though I no longer have any need for a high chair, I WANT A BLOOM FRESCO HIGH CHAIR!!!

It's got to be the coolest high chair EVER!

It can be used from birth thanks to the cocoon shaped seat which can be laid flat, it's height adjustable, it swivels round through 360 degrees - it's just GENIUS!

The tray and bar can be taken off so the chair can be used to sit your child up close and personal to the table, it's got a footrest and there are castors encased in the base so you can tip it and push, rather than drag.

It carries a £250+ price tag - different colour seem to cost different amounts - but then I paid a huge amount for a well-known brand of wooden high chair that wasn't anywhere NEAR as cool or practical as this Bloom Fresco one, and I couldn't use it from birth either *sigh*


  • Saxo_appeal
    There is not a chance that I would be paying that much when there is lots more cheaper alternatives. The money you could save could buy something like a playmat, bouncer even a baby walker Very gimmicky and only aimed at people that earn more than the average house wage
  • Lynley O.
    I do agree and for that reason I bought a bog standard high chair from Mothercare. But oh boy is this one highly desirable! I mean it just looks fab. And the reclining action would probably be handy. The number of times my son fell asleep while eating his lunch or dinner! So, I would definitely put this one on my hunting for second-hand/freecycle/ebay wish list if I had another baby. That said, it is quite sizeable and does take up a bit of floorspace. That was the other consideration for us, and I deliberately went for one that I could fold up - except that once in use I never did fold it up that much!
  • Saxo_appeal
    If your after a reclining chair then try and get this one we purchased, at the time we received our Tesco Vouchers and were able to double them up. In the end the chair only cost a few pound which included the vouchers: It's the Chicco Polly Highchair Seventy, it's amazing and does everything you need, even the legs can be shortened if/when feeding from your sofa in the living room. The back reclines and has 3 settings, our 5 month Katie has fallen asleep many times and it's set perfect for her, ever so cute, snoozes I really can't recommend the Polly enough, it's worth every single penny (or in our case, double clubcard vouchers - haha 5 stars to the Polly
  • Lynley O.
    But what if you don't have clubcard vouchers to spend!
  • Jessica
    I have to say, I wanted this high chair in a major way when I was pregnant, but couldn't get over the price tag. In the end, I bought a secondhand Chicco Polly and a Chicco table seat. The table seat (a chair that just attaches to the table) is so much easier to use and takes up so much less space (and I bought it on sale for £13!). I ended up selling the Chicco Polly for more than I paid for it and being happy that I no longer had a beast of a chair taking up space in my house. I have a feeling if I bought the Bloom Fresco, I would have felt the same way.
  • Lynley O.
    You need a beast of a house for it! Presumably though if you do have a house that big, £250 probably isn't a lot of money to spend. Love love love that you sold your second hand Chicco Polly for more than you paid for it!
  • Jack'n m.
    We are currently thinking of selling ours - we have No2 on the way and not enough room for 2 in our kitchen - but I do love it - it's the loft version - raises and lowers more than the original style, it's in black with a turquoise inlay - we only actually got it in June after 6 moths of moaning at the hubby, and we have a boxed insert for babies that we never used - it's in perfect condition, apart from a few scratches on the trays - due to leeting baby try and feed himself - do let me know if you're interested.
  • cazzy1990
    is any one selling a bloom fresco high chair.

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