Baby Mobiles

5 January 2011

birdMobile If you were expecting to see small versions of iPhones et al then I'm sorry, you're going to be disappointed...

It's back to basics for today's miscellaneous post and the joy that are mobiles which hang from the ceiling and gently waft around in the breeze.

I made mobiles for all of my kids - brightly coloured curled ribbons for my eldest two and high-contrast black and white patterns on cardboard spirals for my youngest.

If you don't fancy being creative but don't fancy the whole 'plastic and soft toy, wind-up to play a tune, and costs a fortune' mobile, then this do-it-yourself (but already sort of done) moblie from the Tate Gallery could be just up your street.

The mobile bits are birds made from card, that you press out and put together yourself - no batteries, bells or whistles required and it only costs £6.95; marvellous!

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  • Lynley O.
    LOL no I wasn't thinking of iPhones when I saw the header, but had images of baby's dangling from the ceiling...!

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