Baby Bits And Pieces Dishwasher Solution

dishwasherBasket I don't miss those early baby days one little bit.

One of my pet hates was finding suitable places in the dishwasher for all the little baby bits and pieces, so they wouldn't bounce around all over the place, during the cycle, and end up melting on the heating element.

Here's one of those ideas that, if you haven't already thought of, you wonder why on earth it didn't occur to you earlier; it's so obvious, simple and cheap.

Use a small plastic basket to put all the bits and pieces in; no more scrabbling around in the bottom of the dishwasher, marvellous.

Now I haven't seen small plastic baskets like this with fruit or veg' in them in the supermarkets, BUT I have seen them in places like the Pound Shop et al.

I love simple tips and tricks like this - if you've got any and are happy to share them with other PlayPennies readers then drop me a line and tell me about it.

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