Augmented Reality T-Shirts - SERIOUSLY cool

I'm a sucker for things that shouldn't do 'things' that DO things, so when I came across augmented reality t-shirts I instantly fell in love!

Anyone with an iPhone can play along with this right now - simply download the AugmenTeeShirt app from the app store or iTunes (it's free), open it and make sure the image above is completely displayed in the screen....then watch and listen!

I showed this to my teenagers and they both agreed it was VERY cool!

You can buy t-shirts ready with various Augmented Reality designs printed on them, and they're pretty cool, or you can do it the way I'm going to do it in the short term...

  • Buy some t-shirt transfers (I picked them up yesterday - £8.99 for seven sheets of A4 from PC World, I reckon I can easily print two images on a sheet of A4)
  • Buy some t-shirts (I've ordered mine from Next - two for my youngest (£6), two vest tops for me and my daughter (£10) and one each for my eldest son and husband (£10))
  • Make your own!

I did have a look at the t-shirts on and whilst I love them, they don't have little kid sizes and my youngest son, who's very into tech' things, would (will) go crazy for a t-shirt that does 'STUFF'.

Just remember, if you make your own augmented reality t-shirt and you see people pointing their iPhones at you, they might not be weirdos or the papparazzi in iPhone disguise, they're probably just watching your t-shirt.

As a little (cheap) something different that will get everyone talking (well, those who have an iPhone and like this sort of thing) I think you won't get much better than this this year.

There's a video for you to watch here too <-----click to watch the augmenteeshirt videos

What do you think?

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