Iron Clothes With Your Hair Straighteners

Oh for goodness sake this is SUCH a simple and genius idea, I'm really disappointed in myself for not thinking about it before!

You know what it's like - something you want to wear just needs a quick flick over on the cuffs, or the hems just need a quick repress, but the prospect of hauling the ironing board and iron out of the cupboard for such a tiny job, then having to put it all away again is just too much of a mission so you choose something else to wear instead.

The hack I came across this morning on ParentHacks this morning has the solution to that - 'iron' cuffs, hems, other bits and pieces or small baby clothes with your hair straighteners; absolutely inspired!

You can read the full hack HERE, I'm off to plug in my straighteners to see if this idea can tame a particularly awkward hem that regularly tests my ironing patience!

What do you think?

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