X-Factor Winner Sam Bailey Names Her Daughter Miley

Sam Bailey and baby Miley

If you read Lucy's feature about baby names yesterday, you'll have gathered that she doesn't mince her words on the topic of what we call our kids. So I reckon it's probably safe to assume that she won't go a bundle on the name that X-Factor winner Sam Bailey has chosen for the newest member of her family.

Meet baby Miley. Whose name, Sam assures us, has nothing to do with Miley Cyrus.

The Mirror reports:

"The singer, 37, said the success of winning the ITV singing show meant she could afford to have a third child along with nine-year-old daughter Brooke and five-year-old Tommy."

"The former prison officer told Hello! Magazine: 'I always wanted three kids, but before The X Factor we couldn't afford it.'"

"'So I was resigned to the fact I would just have the two.'"

"'Then next thing you know I find out I'm pregnant and I was like, 'Yes. I'm finally going to get my wish.''"

Sam says her little bundle of joy - Miley Beau Pearson was so-called simply because Sam really likes the name.

One of my children has a name that's a little bit similar to the name of a Hollywood actress but, just like Sam, any connection between the two names is purely coincidental and we certainly didn't name our daughter after her more famous counterpart. No-one has ever actually asked me if that was the case though, whereas I imagine people will be asking Sam that same question for many years to come.

What about you? Did you give your child the same name (or something similar) as someone in the public eye, and do you spend your days fending off questions about whether you named them after that person? And if so, have you ever wished you'd settled on a different name?

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