Weetabix Recalls Oatibix Flakes Due To Possible Risk To Health

Weetabix Recalls Oatibix Flakes

Weetabix have issued a recall on Oatibix Flakes Cereals as they may present a risk to health. Pieces of soft blue rubber have been found, so certain batches of the cereal are being recalled at all retailers.

If you have a box from the affected batches you are advised to dispose of it. You can get a refund direct from Weetabix by following the instructions below, or return to to the store you purchased it from to obtain a refund from the retailer.

You can read the recall notice on the Weetabix website here and on the Food Standards Agency website here. The notice follows in full below:

Product Recall Notice

To consumers of Oatibix Flakes 550g pack

Best Before Date: 18/01/2017 6018
Best Before Date: 19/01/2017 6019
Best Before Date: 20/01/2017 6020
Best Before Date: 21/01/2017 6021

We have taken the decision to recall a small number of 550g packs of Oatibix Flakes.

We are advising consumers who have already bought a pack from these batch numbers to dispose of the product and contact us for a refund.

The product may contain small pieces of blue soft rubber.

No other Oatibix batch or product is affected.

Fulfilling the expectations of our consumers is of paramount importance to us here at Weetabix, and we take all issues regarding the quality of our food extremely seriously.

For a full refund, send a photograph of the product Best Before date to us via our consumerservice@weetabix.com, or send us the strip from the top of the packet to:

Oatibix Consumer Services
PO Box 5,
Burton Latimer, Kettering,
Northants NN15 5JR

Oatibix Consumer Services
PO Box 5,
Burton Latimer, Kettering,
Northants NN15 5JR

We offer our sincere apologies to you for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your cooperation.

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