We Are All Doing It Right!

judging mum

I came across a video online that I just found hilarious and very thought-provoking. If we are honest with ourselves we have all had a moment of thinking that our ways of bringing up children are better than others. It's so horrid being "judged" by another mum, so why do we do it?

This brilliant video shows us that we all have our own ways of looking after our little precious bundles. It doesn't matter what other parents are doing. It works for them and that is great. We don't need to point and judge because someone chooses to breastfeed or bottle-feed, we all have our own reasons for how we care for our children.

The common ground we all have is that we ALL love our little ones and we cherish them. This video highlights this more than anything in the world.

I am part of many online parenting forums and we are all there for the same reason because our children are our world and we want the best for them. There are frequent arguments as people tend to clash over issues like stock cubes. No joke. I know for a fact that any parent that is in a online group will get this video and relate to it fully.

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