Warnings Issued Over Children's Online Game Roblox

Warnings Issued Over Roblox

Warnings have been issued by parents about the popular online game Roblox after their children were sent explicit messages from adults.

Roblox is available as an app and online game via their website, and there is a chat and messaging system available to users that parents may not be aware of, and it's feared that it could be used by adults to 'groom' young children.

The Daily Mail reported that children as young as six have been sent explicit messages from adults, and worried parents have been deleting the app from their children's devices.

How to play safely:

There are certain things you can do to make the game more safe to play for your child. Make sure that the account is set so that your child's user profile is for an 'under 13 year old', so that any settings changes will need to be authorised by a parent via an email link sent to their account.

Chat mode is set to off by default on all profiles, with the 'Privacy Mode On' automatically set, but if chat has been turned on you can switch it back off via account settings. Click on "My Roblox", then "Account", then "Chat Settings" and choose the setting you want.

If you delete the app and your child has internet access they can still play on the website is they have an account set up, so you will need to check the settings on that too.

Statement from Roblox:

A spokesperson for Roblox said: 'There are several safeguards in place to protect our users that utilise current technology and human oversight. We have instituted a third-party software system created specifically to find offensive language and flag it. For users that are under the age of 13, these filters are set to block any sharing of personal identifiable information.

All accounts for users that are under the age of 13 are set to only communicate with friends. Only friends in the approved friend's list can personal message, invite another user into games, or to join a VIP server. If users or their parents are witnessing any bad behaviour in the game, we urge them to flag the 'abuse report' function in the game so that these participants can be handled by the Roblox team.'

My son plays this game via an app on my tablet, and as he's only seven we were very careful about setting up an account for him. It's set to an 'under 13' year old account, so there's no chat option, and he knows to ignore any friend requests that come through, though I will be checking later to make sure he hasn't accepted any by mistake.

If your child has this game and you are not sure of the settings it's wise to review them, as with any online game, to keep your child safe.

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  • Kelly R.

    Do people not check what their kids are playing?? I have my girls account logged in on my phone She is only allowed people she knows as friends on there, so she has 3 friends. And I watch what she's doing. End of day if ur letting ur children have access to the internet at all u need to be on the ball

    • Kim F.

      Kids can be crafty. It's not always easy to keep track. They can easily download apps without your knowledge if you haven't locked their iPad down.

    • Kelly R.

      My kids both have iPads they can't download anything without the password.... it's a parents job to be one step ahead. And my kids iPads are logged into my account so I can remotely see what they are doing on my phone, or what they are watching. A lot of schools do online safety classes for parents if they aren't sure.

    • Fiona M.

      I have all passwords to daughters accounts, check her mail, friend request and content. Anything/anyone I'm not happy with is removed. I have deleted whole accounts if she argues.

    • Charlie L.

      My son is way more savvy than me with technology. He can unlock my parental settings quicker than I can set them! It's scary. Just hope I have taught him well enough to be aware of the dangers and monitor as much as I can :confused:

  • Gillian H.

    My sons on this now. Hubby made sure its safe but Im going to get him to double check Checked its set to under 13 parental control

    • Vanessa R.

      Im gonna have a wee look. My daughter always plays this but never private chats. I always look.

  • Emily B.

    Mine play it but he isn't allowed to use the message boards or talk to anyone. It's about educating your kids

    • Emily B.

      We've always been honest with him. Told him it's not safe online and that he mustn't give his name, age, area or any other personal info out. He's well aware of stranger danger and he's been told that if he talks to anyone online it's an immediate confiscation of his tablet. He wouldn't risk it to lose his tablet

    • Emily B.

      Mine does too. Usually he's too busy playing it to bother checking the chat box, but it's a public box so all the players can see it

  • Danna W.

    Thank you I will check this pairs tablets tomorrow but I think they deleted it!xx

  • Allison C.

    My son stuff on his games are linked to my email address I know when someone try to contact him or he press something lol look on his face when I say what did try and get or what's this So I have control. He 15 lol.

  • Claire B.

    My kids play this but I assume they need to be signed in to be messaged etc. My kids have not signed up they just play the games.

  • Amy M.

    This happened to my six year old the other day on this game. I was horrified but luckily was on the ball and stopped it immediately.

  • Toni W.

    Oh just read it... Lee's looking now and going to check settings

  • Clare W.

    Omg :scream: what's wrong with people :rage:

  • Craig W.

    I think he would be savvy enough not to talk to anyone

  • Siobhain T.

    I've already sat with her and deleted loads of people she didn't actually know. It's just friends from school and family now x

  • Danielle-Natasha C.

    If you don't set up an account for them they can still play without having access to messenger or friend requests!

    • Jolene G.

      They still have access to the chat though

    • Danielle-Natasha C.

      I believe you can mute it! I'll have to check that again now though, having doubts!!

  • Esther P.

    Thanks hon. Checked but it was locked already. Interesting that I can have a record of stuff on my phone too though, how do I link it to my phone if she is on her own tablet? X

  • Neil F.

    I check my youngest daughters tablet daily, and tell her strictly not to add anyone she doesn't know.. She plays this game a lot but all the friends she has on it are classmates

  • Davina W.

    Thanks Hun will go double check her settings, had a look the other day seemed fine , we just need to be very vigilant with them and careful xx

  • Mark L.

    There has been a wierdo called Harry that Kim has been worried about. Will check when Ben is playing next thanks x

  • Samantha T.

    Luckily Jake can't read yet xx but I'm always checking x

  • Tammy K.

    Mine dont play it anymore it keeps crashing x

  • Halina E.

    I've double checked Ryan's I do make sure every time he's playing he must not add anyone to his friends list accept if it's ben, Logan etc. If he does then he knows I delete app x

  • Tracy W.

    I shared something similar about this the other week....we've been thru it and had a 'long chat' :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

  • Jolene G.

    I realised last week even with the account 'locked' strangers can still send messages through to your child, I deleted my daughters soon as I realised, not worth the risk

  • Yvonne M.

    Scary out there no kids are truly safe xx

  • Davina W.

    I've turned off settings for them to receive pm I've already locked things by age settings on the tablets but I didn't realise there was pm on this. Is that all I need to do change is so they can't get pm?

  • Sarah W.

    Thank u lovely saw something like this earlier will b sorting xx

  • Charlotte E.

    Roblox game on there computers Jacob had it and have deleted it x

  • Vicky A.

    Ok will check and delete thanx hun x

  • Charlotte E.

    You can change the settings but saying adults are sending vile messages through it x

  • Mary M.

    We seen this earlier so have been threw all their accs and all good :see_no_evil: deleting all their friends on it just incase x

  • Michelle S.

    I love parents that come in posts like this to brag that it could never happen to their kids :rolling_eyes::rolling_eyes: gold stars :sparkles: to u all, ur great :thumbsup: now piss off so the rest of us mere mortals can read HELPFUL comments :middle_finger_tone1:

    • Kerrie G.

      I know right. Fucking sanctimoms!

  • David R.

    umm my child plays roblox and she thinks it is fun but she really wants some robuks

    • David R.

      And Daddy,aka me,is not happy that said Daughter had posted on Facebook without my permission. Regarding Roblox,like so many other apps,there's a risk and it's there in the permissions you agree to,when downloading such apps.

  • Sharon W.

    He does, thanks so much for tagging me on this, I had no idea xx

  • Jenni M.

    Omg they'll be getting banned from playing this :scream::scream:

  • Mark R.

    They don't play it logged in and don't have an account so chat isn't enabled.

  • Ugwu L.

    Camron plays this:cry::cry: just checked settings with him....the worry never ends x

  • Margaret W.

    Been caught out by this!!?

  • Kaye M.

    Ellie is also on it we have checked all the settings and she has been told not to accept any friend requests. We will just keep checking each time she plays it. X

  • Suzanne A.

    I know! Not any more!! Xx

  • Keith R.

    Definitely - I'll sort it when I set it up.

  • Terri P.

    Yeah lucky Logan knows about it and doesn't talk to anyone on it :rage: scary tho :cry: x

  • Laura M.

    Iread this, I always check Kodys account and messages whenever he is playing. And keep an eye on the chat box while he is playing. Only friends he has on it is Joel and a boy from school x

  • Sharma G.

    My son has been playing this for a few days, i have it set to receive emails when ever he receives messages to i can monitor it. He's received over 40 friend requests in 2 days but he's decided not to add any.

  • Philip C.

    i monitor all her messages every so often.. im all over that yo

  • Carly A.

    I know :pensive::rage:Iv checked his account and monitor it. X

  • Jo W.

    Even without the messages i heard it ask my daugter what would you rather watch, the walking dead or game of thrones. Not a game for kids.

  • Maxine S.

    Ellouise n antonia play this !!

  • Nikki H.

    Me and Kelli were only talking this morning about it and the chat feature then I read this. I've made me delete it earlier on.

  • Maxine S.

    Ellouise plays it on her laptop well she did she won't b anymore !!!

  • Nikki H.

    Not worth the risk. Some people are saying messages can still come through even with highest security. Poor kids.

  • Hayley L.

    Im not sure how they are still able to get messages through on all the highest settings because they cant even swear on chat or mention real names. Its all moderated and they aren't able to send pictures through it either. My 8 yr old son plays this and I check his account daily. Plus if they have only people they know no one else can message them x

  • Jennifer S.

    I check theirs especially while they're playing x

  • Katy D.

    Yes he is but it's set on under 13

  • Deborah W.

    Thanks diane. Deleted this of Oscar's within 5 mins as someone connected to him so quickly. He's not allowed to play this, only games that are off line xx

  • Charlotte N.

    I'm shit hot on checking this stuff for every app my son downloads. Like I feel totally on top of my game... then last week I get 3 emails saying my card has been charged £20 each time for robucks :expressionless: I rang Microsoft who refunded me without me even having to ask when I explained what happened and she said they get hundreds of calls a day about it. His privacy settings were all well secure but not the purchasing ones. Be careful! He's learnt his lesson the hard way.

  • Diane G.

    Really, didn't know that good spot! We put it on at xmas as the boys were playing it so Joes getting rid as he's not played it since x

  • Deborah W.

    I didn't know Jacob had it or would of said. Only put off line games on diane otherwise any random can connect. When we put that on Oscar's was less than a minute till someone connected. Luckily I noticed straight away and deleted x

  • Diane G.

    Don't think he had a lot of online games on his to be honest but will be double checking. You can set them all for no connections but I'd rather just take them off x

  • Kelli P.

    it doesn't give you a choice who you add , Either way not worth the risk ?

  • Natalie G.

    Hollie has his but I always check hers

  • Vicki G.

    Ooh thanks I'll double check!xx

  • Sarah F.

    He had 8 friends, he did have an under 13 account but had been accepting friends!!

  • Emmylou C.

    Yes sure was thank you I'll share this sick nasty people xxx

  • Sarah T.

    Same, always better to be more aware :blush: xxx

  • Emmylou C.

    This is disgusting other week I check my daughters account and the messages she was getting I felt sick when I seen them... I always check her account and I was bust and space off few days boom all them messages... She 8 years old and they was asking see her body what it looks like and they loved and missez her when she was at school and more... I delete it right away

  • Charlie L.

    Blooming scary. You'd think the developers of these kids games could make them more secure for kids.

  • Kirsteen H.

    Does anyone know how to delete bank details of this??

  • Slick

    Um I might want to look at some of the games on it as well as this if I were a parent, a few younger family members of my got scared after they were playing some game with slender man in it. I mean, it's not the creator of that game's fault but maybe putting an age restriction on a game might help it be more friendly for the younger people, instead of kids being too scared of the man in a suit is gonna get them.

  • DonnaDingo

    There is nothing wrong with this game, my child 10yo plays it all the time everyday, He friends his school friends and family members, and there is no "age restrictions" I play the game and you cant do that, It's up to the child in individual to play it. If it says "Slender" they should know not to play it. Also setting it to under 13 means your child will get annoyed whe n chatting when hashtags appear.

  • anonymous

    Roblox is a dank meme ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • anonymous

    These triggered parents are so funny though

  • RajSharma

    This is true, small kids are getting affected at Roblox platform. Parents must take care of this like they did this time..

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