Urgent Recall: SupportPlus Stainless Steel Kettle

24 June 2016
Recall: SupportPlus Stainless Steel Kettle

Have you got a Stainless Steel Kettle? If so, then you might want to ensure that it's not a SupportPlus Stainless Steel Kettle with model number: EWK-2200.7. Why? There's an urgent recall on these kettles, and it's as serious as it gets with electrical goods.

There is a risk the SupportPlus Stainless Steel Kettle with model number: EWK-2200.7 could cause an electric shock. DO NOT use your kettle if it matches the one on recall as you could be putting yourself at risk.

We have spotted that these are generally sold online on eBay etc but not so much in any of the big retailers.

The 1.8L 1800W Stainless Steel Electric Kettle comes with removable base that connects to the mains, with a moulded, EU specification plug fitted with a UK conversion plug (PowerConnections SCF3).

As mentioned above if you have this affected product then you should stop using it immediately.

What to do if next? Contact the retailer/seller that you purchased the kettle from and if you are unsatisfied with the response, you can contact any of the following for advice: UK European Consumer Centre, Citizens Advice, Citizens Advice Helpline: 03444 111 444 or Trading Standards.

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