URGENT RECALL : Mamas & Papas Car Seats

30 April 2016
URGENT RECALL : Mamas & Papas Car Seats

Have you got one of these Mamas & Papas Car Seats? There's an urgent recall on FIVE different models!

Here they are:

  • Mamas & Papas Mercury Group 1 Black (Argos catalogue number 297/7526)
  • Mamas & Papas Mercury Group 1 Grey (Argos catalogue number 411/9100)
  • Mamas & Papas Mercury Group 1-2-3 Black (Argos catalogue number 305/6037)
  • Mamas & Papas Mercury Group 1, 2, 3 Grey (Argos catalogue number 397/9530
  • Mamas & Papas Mercury Group 1, 2, 3 Grey (Argos catalogue number 913/9848)
  • Mamas & Papas Mercury Group 2-3 Black and Grey (Argos catalogue number 245/4829)
  • Mamas & Papas Mercury Group 2-3 Black and Red (Argos catalogue number 913/9903)

This is a serious issue as these Car Seats have been identified as having a potential safety issue. When involved in a car accident the car seat shell may crack and might not be able to provide the protection it's supposed to.

Here's what to do if you have one of the ones affected:

Stop using the Car Seat IMMEDIATELY! Return it to your local Argos store for a full refund.

Argos have confirmed that if you do not have your receipt you will still receive a full refund, and the condition of the seat does not matter, so if you have removed the back to make it into a booster cushion or have missing parts you can still get a refund. You will be refunded by the original method of payment as shown on your receipt, but if you have no receipt a cash refund or voucher may be given.

If you have any queries or questions regarding this Mamas and Papas Recall, then please call the Argos Customer Service Team on: UK 0345 600 5388 or ROI 1800535091

To read more about it click here*.

At present only Argos have issued a recall and some of the seats were Argos exclusive, but there may be further recalls from other retailers to follow. If you have bought these from any other retailer you need to contact them direct. We will keep you updated with any new information as we get it.

Make sure you're fully informed when purchasing car seats, by checking out our blog about the best car seats.

Thanks to Sheena on the Playpennies Facebook page

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  • Chrissy G.

    we have two!!!!

  • Joanna H.

    I'm seething they told me on the phone I was clumsy and that it didn't affect the use of the seat!! Now they have recalled them all including the 1 that they gave me to swap over seths broken 1! I have written another email to the CEO he replied within a day last time! If not i will be taking it further!!

    • Katie

      Hi could you tell him if mine needs to go back I know it is mamas and papas but don't know model it has 04301313 on the back not sure if this needs to be taken back x 

    • Hayleymoran

      Hi joanne I would like to get in contact with you as I am also taking the matter further to newspapers ect as I called mamas and papas and they have been very rude also. After loosing a son 5 week's ago I want further answers on why these are unsafe as my child has been using it for years and they said it's not there responsibility as they are made in China even though it has their name on it.

  • Emma L.

    I have the 3rd one but stopped using it months ago as base kept slipping underneath with high back on. Got a Graco high back and have had no problems. Also the headrest doesnt come down low enough to support childs head on this although they reached weight and height before suitable age on their old carseat.

  • Karen M.

    Changed too. It's a joke that they can get away with making shoddy baby stuff that's meant to protect them.x

  • Sam C.

    I take it they will still refund even without receipt and if any straps etc are missing from the 1,2,3 car seat?

    • Lisa A.

      I didn't have my receipt and they refunded no problem .. Good luck x

    • Sam C.

      Amy Ward yes! You still own the seat, the money can be used to purchase or exchange for a new one :)

    • Sophi H.

      Amy. Long and short of it. Yes. Still unsafe to use no matter how much you paid x

    • Laura-Kate S.

      I have the grey one, had it nearly 2 years. Will they still take it back? Or exchange? I still need a seat for my 2 and a half year old

    • Louise S.

      I rang Argos and they said if it's under 2 years to return full refund without receipt will be given

    • Sam C.

      PlayPennies ok thank you

    • Stacey G.

      I also phoned Argos and they said it doesn't matter about the condition or that you don't have a receipt as they want them all back for safety concerns x

    • Stacey G.

      Ps full refund to the highest amount that it was for sale :thumbsup:

    • Corinne U.

      Mine is looks the same as the top right one but that one doesn't have mamas and papas in it is it still on recall

    • Chelsea H.

      I have the Mercury group 1 in grey? Exactly the same as the black one does this mean this isn't safe either? The one I have is named Mercury group 0-1 winter car seat! In grey! Confused? :grin:

    • Rebecca L.

      We took it back with no receipt and no straps etc. Got £99.99 back in cash. No issue. We had spoken to a guy called Steve from customer services on the phone, who said that was what they were telling all stores to do.

    • Chelsea N.

      I took mines back and got £69.99 back x

    • Becky C.

      What car seats are you all going to get instead I have no idea

    • Mel T.

      I have just taken mine back without the receipt or the straps etc and was given £100 back in cash even though I am pretty sure I paid £50 for it in the sale!! xx

    • Natalie C.

      If I take mine back will they swap it as I haven't got a spare one?

    • Mel T.

      I have just spent hours trying to decide on a new one. I joined Which for recommendations. I am still none the wiser apart from knowing which ones NOT to buy!!

    • Kayleigh S.

      I took mine back today wasn't actually an effect model as it was the grey one but they still gave me a full refund of £129.99 so I've gone for the britax evolva 123 priced at £109.99.

    • Jds

      Seems they are only offering the selling price at present if you have no receipt, very convenient as they have reduced price from £99.99 to £49.99

  • Hobby S.

    I have 3 of these seats 123 :-(

  • Pauline S.

    Omg I have the 3rd one!!

  • Jayne C.

    Will argos refund us or exchange for another car seat xx

    • PlayPennies

      Yes they will Jayne, they have to when it's a safety recall. If you can't show the original method of payment they may give you a gift voucher or exchange instead but they have to refund in some form.

    • Jayne C.

      I can't find the receipt at all I've just looked for it I have rang them too and she said they need proof off purchase x

    • PlayPennies

      No, that's not true at all, they have given wrong information there Jayne. You are entitled to a refund in full when the item has been recalled, it's different when there has been a safety recall. The store manager should sort it out for you, and their website says to take it back for a full refund. Hopefully you just got a new person on the phone x

    • Karen B.

      What if your car seat is now on sale? I paid 99 for mine & I seen it a week or so ago down to 65 :confused: I'm goin to try & find my receipt

    • Jo N.

      Ive just rang argos as i dont have my receipt she said they will give you cash for the highest price the car seat was sold for.

    • PlayPennies

      Thanks Jo, that's really helpful. :)

    • Karen B.

      Excellent thank u, is there a model number or is it all of them? I've tried to call & it's over a 20 min wait lol

    • Kate B.

      If you can't find the receipt and paid by card, they may be able to match you transaction number on their system too.

    • Jayne C.

      Just been on the phone and you can take it back without the receipt and they give you the highest price for it ok guys

    • Helen N.

      If you click and collect they will have your details stored also they ask for your email address when you buy things X

    • Claire L.

      find your receipt or they will refund in vouchers at the last store price. Xx

    • Susan E.

      Bank statement should be accepted as proof of purchase x

    • Jayne C.

      You can take it back without receipt or bank statement and give you a refund as it's a product recall got no choice but to refund on the highest price paid for it x

    • Karen B.

      I've just returned mine with no receipt & change it I had up to the value of £99 new one was on sale so I got a gift card with remaining balance x

    • Yasmin R.

      What if it's 3 years old?

    • Karen B.

      Yes the britax seat I chose was 129 I was goin to pay the difference but it's was on offer wen lady looked so I got rest on a gift card which I wasn't expecting just a exchange would have been fine. I had no receipt just had to confirm when I brought it etc x

    • Haley M.

      Is this only recent ones as mine must be three years old so no receipt & can't remember exact date purchased. Don't want my 4 year old in an unsafe car seat.

    • guest

      Haley M I'm the same. I phoned the number and said I bought 2 of them in 2012 and the girl said to take mine back.

    • Sarahjane G.

      Yes they will. They refunded mine this morning without a receipt. Xx

    • Annabella S.

      PlayPennies they refused to give me a refund as I have no proof of purchase!!

    • Jayne C.

      They can't refuse you x

    • Andrea '.

      I think it just depends on which store u go to & how helpful the member of staff is. We had 2, I've took 1 back to Alfreton store today and the refunded me the current catalogue price in cash without the receipt. My husband took the other one back to Nottingham store near to where he works they've refunded him the highest price they've been sold at £99 in cash without the receipt. I had to argue with the bloke at Alfreton but the woman in Nottingham was apparently really helpful.

    • Helen F.

      Iv got one of the seats mentioned but I got it from toys r us r they recalling them too or just Argos?

    • Jo N.

      They changed my car seat with no receipt in argos. They gave me the full price for it helped me pick a new seat n it was £10 more. They took the £10 off too x :blush:

    • Karen B.

      I had no problems very helpful staff at my local store got up all info I needed to chose my new seat no arguments exchanged no problem ide try a different store or complain x

    • Pauline S.

      Yes I didn't ring number as it was a 20min wait so I rang my local store. They took mine back which was over 3 years old so had no receipt. Good luck ladies think it all depends if u get a helpful store. I bought mine for £59.99 but bought a new one for £29.99 obviously didn't get a refund though for full price cos it was getting ropey!!

    • Laura H.

      I didn't have receipt for mine when I took it back today. They asked if I wanted to exchange it which i did, I asked what the value of the car seat was and they said £99.99. I chose a Britax one that was on offer at £79.99 and got a £20 voucher for the difference plus a £5 voucher for the purchase

  • Kayleigh M.

    i have the first one if i don't have receipt will i still receive a refund?

  • Lisa A.

    Just had to return mines x

  • Becky S.

    I bought mine from asda, I have the 5th one, do I take it to asda or Argos?

  • Sarah S.

    knew i didnt like that first car seat we got. Glad we changed it now xx

  • Jade H.

    How bad!! They are half price in Argos x

  • Victoria E.

    Thank you! xx

  • Jade H.

    That's why they are half price!! They shouldn't be selling them!! :rage:

  • Samantha P.

    Does it have to have been bought from argos? X

  • Steph E.

    We have the Mercury group 0-1 combined- assume this is ok??

    • worriedparent

      both 0-1 and 1 seats are same just base is different!! Been on phone waiting 44mins!! Unbelievable I'm going to change carseat no matter what as seems strange all other stages recalled but not the 'baby' 0-1 seat.

  • Jodie C.

    Why don't they just test these things before selling us dangerous products??

  • Sarah S.

    Not same one, thanks tho different codes. It's not a new one got it when had Olivia xx

  • Laura W.

    you need to take the car seat back to Argos, you don't need the receipt x

  • Anshu T.

    Thanks .. We have joie fortunately! :grimacing:

  • Laura W.

    info about the car seat x

  • Christopher R.


  • Karen P.

    That's good just know how you like Mamas and Papas x

  • Amy R.

    No! Thanks xxx

  • Nicki M.

    I have the high back booster seat. Is there a range of dates that cover the faulty ones? Mine is a few years old now

  • Amanda L.

    has Michael got one of these

  • Alison C.

    this isn't Isla's is it?

  • Rebekah S.

    just checking xx

  • Stacy R.

    Yet more proof that all car seats are not properly safety tested, manufacturers need to wise up and realise that parents want the best for their kids regardless of how much they can afford to spend!

    • Liam C.

      Results of safety testing carried out by the manufacturer are probably the reason for this recall. Car seat manufacturers have to do an enormous amount of testing and it's very strictly regulated.

    • Stacy R.

      Yes but that safety testing should be carried out before they go on sale not afterwards when customers are putting their trust in them.

  • Shellie N.

    theses aren't the kids new ones are they? X

  • Kayley C.

    think jeannies one for Chloe is on this! Xx

  • Hayley B.

    not sure what make yours is but just in case :kissing_heart: xx

  • Lucy R.

    Robinson is ours mamas and papas?? I have a feeling it is :(

  • Samantha P.

    Oh yeah :joy:

  • Chloe I.


  • Louise D.

    How long does this date from please? I have the grey 1-2-3 seat ( need to check numbers) but I bought it 3years ago

    • Laura-Kate S.

      Mines 2 years old. Just rang them and they said all of them need to go back. No matter the condition

  • Charl M.

    I have the 3rd one didnt think it was a mamas an papas one I bought from argos does that have to go bk?

    • PlayPennies

      At the moment only Argos have issued the recall and some of the seats were Argos exclusive, but they were sold in other stores so we expect other stores to issue recalls for the same seats soon. We will keep updating the blog with more info as we get it. If you bought it from another store you will need to contact them rather than Argos, but they may not have the recall active yet.

    • Charl M.

      Were do u find the codes on carseat?

  • Kimberley E.

    I'm disgusted as I took mine back 8 months ago to be told that I was being daft and there was no need to get hysterical that my child's seat had fallen apart!!! I now get an email telling me I need to take it back I'm utterly disgusted and their head office will be getting a call from myself today!!!!

    • Bethany U.

      That's disgusting behaviour from a company that's supposed to sell things to keep kids safe. Won't be shopping there in future

    • Kimberley E.

      I'm am totally shocked that they can get away with this I will be giving them what for very shortly as its too important to let go xx

    • Lorraine F.

      See Joanna Haywark's comment. Maybe you should 2 should talk x

  • Elizabeth A.

    Doesn't seem like any of them are safe it's a different one every few months it's getting ridiculous

  • Joanna H.

    I am absolutely seething at mamas and papas right now! These are being recalled due to a massive complaint from me, I lent on my sons seat and it cracked after several calls and speaking to managers I emailed the CEO directly who had his assistant call me, they basically said I was clumsy and it didn't affect the use of the seat etc didn't even get an apology, Argos replaced it like for like, now they have recalled the whole lot! After assuring me that the seat was safe to use! I've sent another email to Derek lovelock the CEO of mamas and papas I'm Not leaving it after they told me the seat was safe to use and then 2 weeks later decide to recall them!! How ever ladies if u did get ur seat from Argos they are very helpful in my opinion! Xx

    • Jas O.

      Omg that is absolutely ridiculous!!!!!! Please update us on what they say to you. Making you think the seat is safe!!!!! I'm fuming for you!!!!! Disgusted at mamas and papas! :rage::rage::rage: xxx

    • Joanna H.

      I will keep u updated I'm not going to call the customer service centre today as they are rubbish!! But I will wait until Tuesday for a reply from mr lovelock, I've also contact certain Tv programs who will I'm Sure be delighted to run a story on this! X

    • Charlie G.

      Just to make you aware Mamas and Papas don't sell this car seat! They're cheap car seats that unfortunately carry the M&P name. Not sold in stores though! Always go straight to a store like M&P and have a seat fitted properly

    • Joanna H.

      Mamas and papas do sell this seat they told me on the phone! It's not about the seat fitting, it's about the product itself! It may not be manufactured by them but it's sold by them and they obviously haven't carried out enough tests and have out their name to substandard items!

    • Vicky S.

      How scary for it to crack under such little pressure! In a crash it would crumble!

    • Lorraine F.

      See Kimberley Ellis' comment, very similar situation x

    • Joanna H.

      I wonder if she got an apology or any compensation I'm just on my way to change the 2nd seat that I was told was safe!

    • Jas O.

      I don't think a company that size, and that reputable, would let any 'cheap seat' use their brand name Charlie.... It's disgusting. Unacceptable they'd let a parent walk away thinking the seat was safe!!

    • Kimberley E.

      Hi Joanna I took mine back 8 months ago after my daughters seat cracked and whilst I was driving the seatbelt restraints snapped!!!! I took it back phoned everyone I possibly could to be told I was being hysterical and I needed to calm down after all I hadn't crashed and my daughter hadn't injured herself or worse died!!!! I am so pissed off right now as I was made to feel like I was going mad and then this happens believe you and me I will not let this lie now!!!! Hope you get it sorted,please if you don't mind could you keep me updated and I will with you if that's ok xx

    • Joanna H.

      Wow I was made to feel the same no I will not let this go either will keep u updated X

    • guest

      Kimberley E it's very upsetting that mamas and papas think they can belittle the mother by blaming her and treating her as if she was neurotic. As a nan I'm even more cautious than I probably was with my own children(sorry kids) lol life is the most precious cargo ever m and p need to think like a mother first and not like a profit/loss organisation.

  • Rhiannan P.

    It's not mine I've already seen I've got the group 0-1 x

  • Hayley H.

    I don't have a receipt any more I don't think :see_no_evil: Need to double check it is when I can but pretty certain it is yeh xx

  • Dee M.

    how far does the dates go back

  • Alison S.

    That is the second carseat that we have for our grandson that has been recalled in the last 6 month

    • Shelby

      Same here. First we had the fisher Price then recalled so we got this now recalled!

  • Leanne H.

    You need to take it back to Argos & they will refund it or give a gift receipt if you've not got the receipt

  • Emma M.

    I have one of these seats but was purchased a year ago do I still need to take it back?

    • Caroline L.

      Yes it's a product recall. A product recall means all versions go back!

  • Shannon M.

    I have the last car sear in the picture only with grey inserts, bought from argos will i get refund without a receipt?

    • Shannon M.

      Chelsea i got a full refund on mine so you should get ur money back x

  • Gemma S.

    is this what you have ?

  • Kirsty W.

    , Any look familiar ? :wink:

  • Felicity S.

    What happens now? I got mine from asda do I return to them? Xx

  • Zoe C.

    Thanks kj xx

  • Rebecca N.

    Joshua is in a booster with a back not not the harness one you got my love x x I will check the one in the loft just in case x

  • Gemma T.

    Dont think any of these are mine xx

  • Susan F.

    All there car seats?

  • Nicole C.

    I have the second one in black just looked on the Argos website and it only says mamas and papas Mercury group 1 in grey to be recalled... does this apply to all of them regardless of the colour? Thanks

    • Kayleigh E.

      I have the same in black, rang them and they said all colours to be recalled

  • Delia B.

    do u have these x

  • Abz M.

    Argos are still selling the bottom left one? X

  • Steph P.

    Will I get full refund price or what the seat is sold at now... I paid £129.99 for my mamas and papas Mercury car seat but they are less than £70 now???

    • Patrick S.

      We didn't have our receipt and got refunded £99.99 in cash

    • Patrick S.

      Just been and got the graco nautilus from toys r us which is much much better! (It's £129.99 but they price match Argos where it's only £74.99, so you end up with £25 spare too!)

    • guest

      Steph P the cashier said if we had the receipt to show how much you paid they'll refund the full amount x

  • Felicity S.

    Okay, I just want a replacement not fussed about refund. Xx

  • Kelly L.

    I have one of these seats too, why are they still selling them at Argos still?

  • Nicola P.

    I have a mamas and papas seat that looks different so it's not that one that will be effected will it?

  • Sarah P.

    Does anyone know if the group 0-1 Mercury car seat is affected? I have that and it looks exactly the last one pictured xx

    • Kayleighh E.

      I'm the same xx

    • Sarah P.

      Hope we get some answers ladies! Although, I'm not entirely sure I'll believe them even if they say it is safe now after recalling all the others :| xx

    • Sarah P.

      I've just spoken to Argos and they have confirmed that the 0-1 seats aren't affected by the recall xx

    • Laura M.

      I just rang Argos and they told me that this one (0-1 Mercury) has been recalled too :)

    • Ammy M.

      I have the Mercury black 0-1 and they confirmed that it has been recalled. Heading into Argos now to return it

    • Danielle B.

      Ladies help me, iv just been to Argos and there telling me that's it's not been recalled xx

    • Danielle B.

      I just left there, and he rung mammas and papas and they said to confirm on the back of the seat and this isn't the one that's affected apprently :see_no_evil::see_no_evil: but I'm now panicking xxx

    • Chelsea N.

      I have this one too. Going to go down with it just now see what they say xx

    • Leanne B.

      Following I have the grey Mercury Phoned argos and they said it has been recalled x

    • Lucy A.

      The 0-1 Mercury isn't affected the one in the Argos book now isn't affected be rest have been removed from the website

    • Leanne B.

      Just been told by argos via telephone just that the 0-1 grey Mercury isn't affected It's just group 1 So not really sure what to think after being told one thing by 1 person then something else by another x

  • Paul B.

    We are now taking outs back! Shocking!

  • Zoe T.

    Think my spare one is :grin::grin: normal ones are fisher price but will def check thanks Hun :thumbsup_tone2: xx

  • Kirsty S.

    Really glad I saw this! We have the first one.

  • Nicola P.

    Thanks , ive just sent a message to ask about this. My chair looks different so hopefully its not affected. xxx

  • Angie B.

    I know seems these days you can't buy anything safe x

  • Mandy O.

    Thanks Sarah, we'll take ours back today. X

  • Moira D.

    No X didn't get it from Argos & don't have the receipt x

  • Kayleighh E.

    this same as Freddie's old one that in spare room xx

  • Karen R.

    - have you got a mamas and papas one?

  • Katie W.

    have we got one for George?? Xx

  • Zoe R.

    No, ours is not a Mamas and papas xxx

  • Andrea T.

    Thanks kirsty. Not got any of these so I'm ok. :) xx

  • Kayleighh E.

    I have the last one I grey is it the same for that?

    • Shannon815

      hi, i also have that one in grey inserts but unsure whether its only certain models etc mine look,s exactly the same as the picture tho

  • David M.

    What one we got

  • Zoe T.

    - ours are affected ...

  • Tasha M.

    I have the 1 on the far right but cant remember where its from? X

  • Natalie G.

    My Mercury group 2-3 car seat orange sticker doesn't match up with what's on the website. Does mine still need to be returned?

    • guest

      Nikki M I just rang Argos customer service told them the 7 digit number under the circled E

  • Rhabecca- L.

    What if the car seat has been taken apart just into the booster seat part?

  • Samantha W.

    mine is a mamas n papas diff colours to these but is it all carseats?x

  • Helen B.

    I have two of these seats, rang argos and the lady says to take them back regardless of the condition for a refund or exchange. They do not need proof of purchase and it doesn't matter when they were bought they need to be returned. Hope this helps

  • Rebecca T.

    My one is similar to the second one ?

  • Darcie M.

    I haven't got the receipt as Granny got it in her card. Will they still take it back?xxx

  • Emma D.

    We had the second one in, had it for a couple of weeks, one day hubby pulled it tight and the clip broke. We took it back for full refund as we didn't want to exchange it for the same one. We bought one from toys r us and week later, we were involved in a bad car accident on our boys first birthday too. So glad it broke and we bought another one after reading this. We were all ok thank God!

  • Emma H.

    I got my £50 cash back for the second 1 in black last noght

  • Rachel F.

    Do we just go into store or phone up first

  • Kirsty V.

    Check the serial number someone's said it's the seat that's the defect they had different materials x

  • Julí

    My mums got one!!! The top left! X

  • Margie K.

    Yes, we need one. I'm just reading about the receipt issue, no sign of mine.

  • Lisa N.

    Is it just new ones?xx

  • Melissa H.

    I have the 3rd one, grey, black upright one, what do u do, just take it into the nearest Argos and then they give u a refund? I'm totally glutted coz these seats fit perfect in my car as my back seats in my car are small

  • Lorraine H.

    this is mine!!

  • Roxanne T.

    I have the mammas and Pappas Mercury group one but it's black not grey ? Do I need to stop using this one ? X

  • Samantha S.

    Thanks for the heads up. Going up shortly and going to replace both kids car seats x

  • Davina S.

    I have the Mercury winter one does anyone know of this one has been recalled? X

    • Amy K.

      I have this one too Iv called my store they didn't understand so I will be going in this afternoon, fingers crossed! X

  • Pinny M.

    mine is the Mamas & Papas mercury group 0-1 car seat in black Argos number 345 9342 is this one ok as different number to the ones shown but the same seat as picture 5

    • مريم

      I was just gonna ask the same question, the picture is exactly the same but a different product number! :thinking:

  • Claire M.

    Taking mine back today at Argos

  • Kelly G.

    We just contacted Argos about this and the guy said he knew nothing about it and the recall isn't on his system, even though it's on their website and the seats are no longer for sale online so we are going to go in to store.

  • Emma S.

    We have thr first one well it looks very similar, can anyone tell me if it says mercury anywere on the chair?

  • Paul B.

    Still pisses me off as my boy was in that seat and could have been dangerous x

  • Laura L.

    I rang and asked that cos mines the grey winter one and she said to check the code on back of seat, if it's got this code you need to take it back 04301313 if not it's still fine to use xx

  • Sarah M.

    Yes, all recalled products get a refund no matter what xxx

  • Kerry H.

    I just returned both of mine as I have twin boys and was give full price for both in cash and I didn't have a receipt

  • Kelly-Marie S.

    They tried to tell me they wouldn't but I soon put them right and told them it was probably illegal to not x

  • Lucy A.

    Thanks I'm going to go buy a new one and return this one

  • Karen S.

    this affects the one we have!!xx

  • Becky R.

    Mamas and papas sell none of these. They are sold at Argos only.

  • Jade C.

    Off to Argos I go :grin:

  • Hannah G.

    Should the refund b cash r credit note??

  • Dominique B.

    I have the first one but mines grey? With it saying black I'm guessing mine should be fine?!

  • Keri M.

    I just got a refund for a seat over 18 months old with no receipt. £50 refund back onto my bank card. No hassle in Argos to get it done.

  • Shannon M.

    Mine looks same as picture but is it only certain models or something?

  • Tania W.

    I have the third one which I will be taking back. However I also have the Mercury that is the fifth on but in grey. Are they taking these back or is it a slightly different model to the recalled one? Thanks

    • Tania W.

      Mines is the mamas and papas Mercury group 0-1 winter at seat in grey. Practically identical to the black one (fifth) in the photo.

  • Catriona M.

    We got one for my mums car... Annoying! (But also better safe than sorry, so we have taken it out)

  • Cat-ley C.

    I have the first one in the picture is that being recalled? X

  • Catherine R.

    Please can you confirm if this one is affected? http://www.argos.co.uk/m/static/Product/partNumber/3459342.htm

  • Lauren-Louise K.

    I got cash back. But they were a hr funny about it. Do you know when you bought how you paid for it. So I said I don't I just know it's from Argos. This year last year... I don't know :rage::rage: tried sending me to another store as well because they would 'have my details'

  • Becca L.

    I don't have one of these but mum does!! She got it off amazon though so I'm not sure what the deal would be with that!! I hope we can get it changed though :/ scary stuff!! Xxx

  • Pauline S.

    I have just taken mine back to Argos,even though I purchased mine over 3 years ago were happy to give me a replacement :relaxed:

  • Beth C.

    Disgusting! I have a joíe all stages definitely recommend that one

  • Hannah G.

    I have been told it's a gift card which I don't want as there is only limited car seats left in the store... One place is telling u one thing and another something different.... joke

  • Hollyy A.

    What about the 0+ is that okay?

  • Delia B.

    Think they have to give you your money back or an exchange by law x

  • Jenny C.

    Just taken two back now. Full refund at full price with no receipt. Excellent service from Argos!

  • Charlotte M.

    I have the Mercury with the grey padding and argos have said this isn't for recall. I don't understand how the colour of padding can change the actual design of the car seat :/ I still don't feel safe putting her in it now

    • Michelle J.

      Keep on at them, they've just changed mine, something to do with changing catalogue numbers, but still the same item.

    • Charlotte M.

      I'm. It happy about it at all. Don't feel safe

    • Amy K.

      I'm the same!! Iv called my store and they didn't really understand what I was saying in the catalogue the Mercury with grey covers is called winter instead of black and at the moment is 60 pound more expensive! I'm taking mine in this afternoon and hoping to get sorted it's the same model so shouldn't make a differece hope we get sorted! X

    • Charlotte M.

      I have took mine in and they have refused. Not happy

    • Lucy A.

      This is same the one in Argos now is a new version apparently which I bought and he gave me a refund for the grey one that's £49.99 at min in Argos. When bought the botto right one and he said its not on his list cos that's a newer version to one that used to do idk? He gave me a refund for £100 for it but I don't think I needed to take it backing jest place in not sure?

    • Louise D.

      I had the same- 1 with grey padding and 1 with red padding. Both of mine have been refunded for. Argos Penzance were really helpful and no questions asked

    • Louise D.

      I bought mine in 2012

    • Leanne B.

      I have the grey Mercury group 0-1 Argos have assured me that this is not affected It's only the group 1 that's affected x

    • Charlotte M.

      Thanks everyone couldn't settle and Argos have refunded. X

    • Leanne B.

      Ok thanks It does tell u normally on the unit itself Not sure what to do They r telling me group 0-1 hasn't been recalled x

    • Charlotte M.

      I could find anything to tel me but I was panicking over it (I am a worrier :weary:) I wouldn't of settles until it was gone x

    • guest

      Thinking of just buying a new one myself now won't feel safe using it now x

    • Lucy A.

      I had the 0-1 Snd they refunded me but for the 1 one! But they shouldn't of taken t back in first please Argos said as tis not affected the ones which have have been taken off the website and be 0-1 is still on x

    • Donna B.

      I had the grey Mercury 0-1 and I went into store with it today they told me it was affected and gave me a full cash refund x

    • Bingbing16

      I had similar repose from argos my seat was a red cover. They told me it was not an affected model. I told them I felt it was not safe and I would not put my child back in it. I told them I have also I have had issues with the harness coming loose. they eventually gave me a credit note. Worst car seat I have ever owned.

  • Corrina L.

    Well this is :poop: mamas and papas are supposed to be one of the best too!

  • Amy K.

    I have the last one but the covers are grey it seems exactly the same other than that? Any one know if that has been recalled too?

    • Charlotte E.

      I have the last one, it was pictured in black when I ordered but when delivered it was grey! I have just taken it back to Argos and they didn't even question a refund! I was given one straight away hope this helps!

    • Amy K.

      thanks Charlotte Iv taken mine back and again no problems with refund! X

  • Kay N.

    Do I take it back to the store I bought it from x

  • Tom S.

    I've just returned mine without receipt and had to get it on an Argos voucher which was pretty annoying cause they don't have a massive range of car seats

  • Chelsea N.

    I have this one too, don't feel safe using it now x

  • Chelsea N.

    I have the bottom right one in grey does anyone know if that's been recalled too? X

  • Catherine W.

    Been and done mine. Was given full refund in cash without my receipt due to it being mamas and papas making the recall they were really helpful cx

    • Lisa F.

      Hi , how do they know how much you paid , they are always having seats in the sale :see_no_evil:I have no ideas how much I paid for two ? Any help please x

  • Hannah L.

    I have the bottom right one, has any one returned? I purchased mine last year and can't remember how much I paid for it, how much did you get refunded? (Only asking as I will need to get another one straight away, make sure I bring enough extra money with me).

  • Amy L.

    I'm really worried now

  • Danielle M.

    Mines is pink the recall is black and grey??

  • Kayleigh M.

    Naw Danielle the recall goes by the name and code it dosnt go by the colour can be exact same seat from same batch only diff colour

  • Ammy M.

    Just rang Argos customer services. Won't do much if I don't have the recipt. Advised me to phone mamas and papas!

    • Erin H.

      Our Argos store are giving full cash refund with no receipt

    • Kallie C.

      I rang them today and they told me to take it back to store. I did and they give me a gift voucher refund without a receipt

    • Lauren G.

      Try a different argos mine give me a new seat and voucher

  • Jez S.

    I have two and they've refused to exchange either of mine!! No way am I putting my 9month and 2 year old in them!!

  • Amy K.

    I can see it on the recall list in black I have the grey I'm going in this afternoon hope to get sorted I should imagine it effects the whole model Mercury

  • Karen S.

    I'm taking our one back today but interesting to see that I can sill buy one from my local store today!! Surely they should have removed them all from sale!!

  • Helen H.

    thats ours!!!

  • Sarah R.

    Thank you will check this out.

  • Sarah R.

    Are Asda doing a full refund as mine was a Xmas present 2014? So no receipt. Can anyone help with this query

    • Lauren S.

      I've just contacted asda who have said they are currently not recalling them, slightly concerned about using the seat so will be contacting mamas and papas

  • Kayleigh D.

    Just took mine back and they gave me a full refund without a receipt she just said I will get the price that comes up on their till, so I got the cash and went to toys r us and got the graco nautilus which is brilliant!

  • Ellis J.

    I have the 5th on but has a blue button not red is that on recall also

  • Sara M.

    took them a while to recall them didn't it! Xx

  • Charlotte M.

    Play pennies have you definitely got the right 5 seats on these pictures?? Because the bottom right is still for sale and they told me that it's not that one?! I need to know wether this seat is for recall or not!

    • PlayPennies

      The pictures are taken from the Argos website Charlotte, though the catalogue number should be the main way for them to identify which models they are recalling. There may be very similar ones which are not affected so we are advising people to contact Argos directly if they are unsure if their seat is affected, as you have.

    • Charlotte M.

      Thanks Argos tried to say it wasn't that one but all sorted now and got a refund thanks xx

  • Sophie M.

    I took my two and my mums back to Argos, had no receipts, Argos were brilliant, got our money back

  • Lucy A.

    Hannah Louise I have that one I'm sure I took it back and they said it was the top one that looks similar, so he said its £50 refund and I said I'm sure it's this one and showed him pic and he said that's not on his list as he fought the codes up and the Argos code for that isn't on there. He ended up giving me £100 cash he wanted to give me a voucher but j had bought a new one from toys r us.

  • Kayleigh M.

    I got got a refund on a gift card of what I paid.

  • Donna M.

    Just been to Argos. They are not giving out cash but are giving out vouchers. I got £119. Yet only paid £64 for my original car seat

    • Mel T.

      I was given cash x

  • Trixiee C.

    What about mamas and papas ones from asda 9months to 12 years one?

  • Ammy M.

    I have the bottom right. Was told by customer devices it has been recalled. Heading into Argos now x

  • Tracy H.

    Pauline i bought one of these from argos and had to return it twice because it broke in the same place both times and i refused a third and got a different make this was over a month ago its disgusting that its taken this long to recall them xxx

  • Marie M.

    Will Argos honour with gift receipt for another car seat if you don't have receipt

  • Gem H.

    I've just taken mine back, the manager gave me a £99 refund without a receipt and in cash. Bought a babystart one which seems loads better quality in their sale for £30. So it's a bit inconvenient, but Thea's for a nice new toy out of it so not the end of the world. Just so glad we've never had a bump In our car when she's been in it!

  • Emma B.

    I had the same as you and i didn't think it was recalled, however just took it back into Argos and got refunded £100 in cash! I would go into the store if you can. X

  • Jo N.

    Ive been to argos and got a new car seat it was no problem x they gave me the full price for my seat and i chose one that was £10 more and they took that off so it cost me nothing xx

  • Danielle B.

    What :scream::scream::scream:, I did go into the store Hun, and he said no it wasn't the one, but I said it's exactly the same as the picture, but mines got grey straps rather than black, and he said no it's not the same, when I called the number there saying it's all Mercury seats from 1 plus xx

  • Cheryl C.

    Just returned mine

  • Tracey T.

    These are mine!!!

  • Rowena W.

    I don't think mine is the Mercury. It is a mamas & papas from Argos but don't think it's the same type. If it is then it's 4 car seats I would have to take back !

  • Laura W.

    I have a mamas and papas seat that looks like 1 pictured but we have had it for years I wld say since my son was about 2-3 he is now 6, how far back do the affected models go???

  • Samantha S.

    I buy the kids new seats every couple years anyway. Can't take safety too seriously. This has pissed me off though especially because Romans mamas and papas was chucked after the buckle broke and mamas and papas said it was user error when I know it wasn't. How they figured a 2 yr old can break a car seat buckle is beyond me. Bastards. Xx

  • Alison S.

    Taking ours back I knew I should have got one from mothercare x

  • Sarah-Louise J.

    Do you have to take it back to the Argos you got it from?? Or could you take it to any Argos??

    • PlayPennies

      Any Argos store will refund you Sarah-Louise.

  • Chelsea N.

    They've taken mines back x

  • Michelle Y.

    So confused i have the mercury 0-1 in winter grey from argos but exact same picture as the black one just diferent colour. X

  • Helen D.

    Just got mine refunded :thumbsup_tone1:

  • Tara-may C.

    Ammy, really some people are getting refunds for that seat. Oh I don't know what to do now. X

  • Elizabeth S.

    But is this just ones they've made recently?

  • Frank M.

    They'll only give you a voucher for what they are selling it for now unless you have your original recept

  • Jasmine B.

    Apparently it's batches bought after Dec 2014, ours was bought before then, bur I still want to change it now.

  • Simon H.

    I went to Argos Manchester Fort store. Not the easiest thing but eventually got a full refund on my debit card. Asked repeatedly for receipt which I didn't have ("it's a product recall, I wasn't expecting to have to bring it back"). It was only showing them the recall on my phone that convinced them which I really shouldn't have had to do. Got my refund in the end but less straightforward than it should have been.

  • Francesca R.

    I'm taking mine back tomorrow then so fingers crossed our Argos does the same!

  • Pamela B.

    Swapped but only got sale price

  • Pamela B.

    A only got sale price

  • Kayla C.

    I think I have one of these seats.. X

  • Ange B.

    Just want to check this recall is real and recent ???? I have one of these seats thanks

    • Ange B.

      ive tried to ring the customer service number but gave up after being on hold over 30 minutes. I've had the seat 18 mths do you think it could be one recalled thanks

    • guest

      thank you Sheena V think I'll take seat back to local Argos tomorrow. I have the Mercury group 1.

    • PlayPennies

      Thanks so much for telling us about it when you did, the more people that know the better with a safety issue like this. We really appreciate your help and have thanked you in the blog as well. :)

    • Hayley P.

      I took mine back this morning with no receipt and had no problems.

    • Tanya N.

      Where can I find the product code for the seat and is it only these colours or the whole range??

  • Tina B.

    I had just returned 2 of these without the receipt and got £200 gift card :wink:

  • Lucy A.

    Argos just replied to my email saying the 0-1 isn't on recall its 1 upwards.

  • Sandra W.

    maybe this is why I hate my seat x

  • Helena V.

    Our model is not on the list, thankfully! x

  • Kelly J.

    I have a Mercury 0+1 which isn't on here so I'm assuming that they are ok? I'm a bit scared using it now. I have triplets and a 7m old who all use the 0+1 seat.

    • Erin H.

      Rang both mamas and papas and Argos today the group 0-1+ is manufactured differently so is safe. We actually had one group 0-1 and one group 1, they are completely different. We returned our group one today

  • Joanna F.

    Thanks for sharing this, just got ours sorted....before u go in have a look on website and find one u like and check availability as stock on other brands seems to b getting low now

  • Ali E.

    Thanks for this x

  • Angela A.

    Surprised Mamas & Papas put their brand name on these seats anyway :anguished:

  • Lisa T.

    we have two of these seats

  • Megan S.

    I don't have one of these so glad. Definitely need to look into that . I can't believe they don't properly check them before they sell them xx

  • Elizabeth S.

    Omg no!

  • Mel T.

    I have just taken my seat back to Argos and with no hesitation at all I was given a cash refund of £100. I had no receipt or any proof of purchase xx

  • Kirsty E.

    I've got the 3rd one and had it 16 months, is it all of them that need to be back or just recently sold ones??

    • Kirsty E.

      ive called Argos and they told me to take it in, going to take it tomoz so hopefully they will change it to X

  • Louise C.

    Would they still refund if I bought this 2-3yrs ago?

  • Helen K.

    All sorted, got a refund.

  • Beverley S.

    I have 3 of them two toddlers and one baby I really can't believe this

  • Melissa M.

    I had the mercury grey 0-1 and took it to Argos today. They didn't know anything about the recall but still gave me a refund even though I didn't have receipt.

  • Henry M.

    Looks like ours

  • Karen R.

    Mines not one of those. X

  • Char L.

    Argos called me about mine after I see it on your sight :thumbsup_tone2:

  • Angie B.

    Should say the make of it on the instructions if it's mama and papas then you need to bring it back for refund

  • Jamie B.

    these are our seats

  • Pamela M.

    Oh crikey I think this is mine.

  • Emma S.

    Cheers :baby_chick:x

  • Kerry G.

    Is it just Argos that have recalled? We bought ours from asda?

  • Abby T.

    The 5th one is still for sale on the Argos website :/ x

  • Lisa B.

    looks like u can take it back and get refund x

  • Erin H.

    Returned it today and changed to a Britex instead!

  • Lucy D.

    Took my daughters chair in this morning and Got a full refund.

  • Jenna C.

    Anybody know how much they were? I cant remember and trying to find a replacement to collect when there tomorrow. xx

  • Laura H.

    Took mine back and didn't have a receipt, Argos refunded it no problem. They asked if I wanted to exchange it which I did and they give me the difference on a gift voucher.

  • Lisa R.

    I think ours is the third one I'm just gonna take it to my local argos and ask if that's the one whats the worst that happen thy say it's not only used as spare but if I can get refund to get new one well then why not!

  • Amy L.

    Argh, we have this one. Apparently not recalled but look so similar, really make you lose faith in their safety :pensive:http://www.argos.co.uk/m/static/Search/searchTerm/345%252F9342.htm

  • Rachel C.

    I'll check mine thanks x

  • Tyler J.

    I have the grey mercury one, but the catalogue details on here are different to on the website? Does that mean there's more than one?

    • Donna B.

      I think let the current version online is the newer one the affected ones are between July and December 2014 for the grey Mercury I got a full refund today

  • Sarah A.

    Playpennies I have called my local Argos and they said if I have no proof of purchase they will not do anything :rage: I have 2 of these they only came in a plastic bag so binned that and car seat doesn't have catalogue number on it to prove I brought it from there!!

    • Angela C.

      A public post on Argos Facebook page, stating the store in question will resolve this for you x

    • Kallie C.

      I took mine back today, without a receipt and did not have a problem getting a refund x

    • Sarah A.

      I had to call mine as every car seat I looked at was not in stock so wanted to make sure I could take mine in and order new 1's to b delivered asap but got told if no proof then they will not refund :cry: x

    • Kallie C.

      That's a shame. Mine got refunded without hesitation x

  • Sarah L.

    Yep will take it back tomorrow pretty worrying x

  • Sarah L.

    Yep we have this one will take it back tomorrow

  • Laura B.

    that's annoying! Get a refund! X

  • Roxanne H.

    Is it just Argos ones? Hers was delivered with the pram I know that much x

  • Claire H.

    It does say mainly Argos but can be other retailers so though I should at least check x

  • Natalie C.

    Will they swap it for another one as I don't have a spare seat?

  • Amy S.

    Is it only argos ones?

  • Lee Y.

    They refunded ours too. We got a much better isofix seat on sale elsewhere and ended up 30 quid up. You can't put a price on peace of mind. I wouldn't have trusted the Mamas and Papas one after this anyway.

  • Jo Z.

    Yeah it was. I ended up going to the head office in Huddersfield to sort it x

  • Sammy H.

    Sorted it mate, I only paid £50 for the car seat as it was half price at the time but Argos gave me the full price so gave me £100 back winner x

  • Claire A.

    Says I can take it back and get a full refund x

  • Lizzie N.

    oh no!! X

  • Emily C.

    Hi I've got the mammas and Pappas 0-1 winter grey Car seat is this one up for recall only its not on the pics?

  • Sarah A.

    I have the car seat in grey last picture. can I just take this item with NO receipt into argos. Not sure argos is where I purchased it from ??? Please can you advise? Do you have the serial numbers relating to the car seats been recalled ??? Many thanks. .

  • Kelly-Marie S.

    Thanks for sharing this I got a cash refund without receipt today at argos :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

  • Kay N.

    Took seat back got full refund no problems xx

  • Ann-marie H.

    Do you have to take it back to where you got it from? Xx

  • Jacquie A.

    I took mine back today. I did t have a receipt not could I remember if I got it In the same. It's reduced to £64 they gave me £120 back xx

    • Jacquie A.

      Cash also not a Gift card xx

  • Alison T.

    Argos were brilliant, no problem in exchanging - they even gave us a gift card as they didn't have the car seat to the correct value.

  • Emma M.

    these are our car seats!!!! X

  • Aisling W.

    Thank u playpennies! I had the 2nd car seat in the pics, took it straight to Argos, they checked the code at the back of the car seat, seen it was for recall, took it out of my car and gave me a full refund without a receipt of purchase!

  • Alyson S.

    Looks like we are off to Argos in the morning then :scream:

  • Jessf

    Does anyone know if the mercury group 0-1 is included please? I've got the same one as the picture but in grey it was bought 2 years ago yet argos customer service are saying its not affected, obviously don't want my son in something unsafe. Thanks.

  • Claire T.

    After a bit of a debate with them, we got the highest price it has been sold at before, and we got cash too...they wanted a bank statement at first as we didn't have a receipt!

  • Jade L.

    I have this car seat that I Bourght from Argos but don't have recite what do u do????

  • Mandi G.

    Shared here in Cenarth. I don't have a little one but TYVM 4 heads up. Got lots a newbies come along in family so letting them know. U can Never be 2 careful . X

  • guest

    RE: car seat. If they being funny with u over smth as important/urgent/potentially dangerous and it Their fault/ responsibility to make sure they are recalled and replaced I wouldn't go to store just take pictures and attach to email to head office Hope this helps.x

  • Kirsty D.

    I have first chairs but was bought ages ago is it recent purchases only

  • Leyla J.

    I have one but got from mothercare over a year ago does this matter ????

  • Tina F.

    I've got the 3rd one 2 of them can't find them on the Argos website no more

  • Amy Y.

    Has anybody got the car seat at the top in the middle as I have and can't find the catalogue number for it in the book or online xx

  • Kayla C.

    I had the 3rd picture black with grey.. I took mine back yesterday with no receipt got £50.. If you have receipt will get back what you paid!! X x

  • Alex E.

    Is the 0-1 stage car seat OK? It looks exactly the same as the stage 1 just with grey liners.. Can anyone help please x

  • Kayl

    just wanted to say that all those getting exchanges, PLEASE make  sure the car seat you are getting actually fits your car- if not then it wont be safe either. 

  • Marie D.

    Can anyone tell me where to find the serial number for the affected seats pls?

  • johns8773

    This seat was bought with my Argos card so i presume i should get interest i have paid on purchase returned. This may be difficult to calculate. Also anyone asked for compenaation. It is a little sickening child been using a seat that may not protect him for last 7 months.

  • Mica

    I would like to know each car seat's ECE regulation number and serial numbers of affected car seats, since I don't think Argos or M&P catalogue number is a good way to trace these car seats. 

  • gem1805

    I have two of these but they were bought for me about 2 years ago. I have no idea where they came from , do you think about I can take them to Argos? 

  • Sara

    Iv been given a gift voucher for £49.99. I tried to buy a new seat but they had nothing in stock. I went online instead but nothing was available for home delivery. I spent £80 elsewhere on a new one and now I'm £80 out of pocket and stuck with a voucher I don't want. I wouldn't mind a replacement but I wasn't even offered one. Is there anything I can do as I needed a new car seat and couldn't wait for one to come in stock.

  • Sammy

    hi I have the last one in grey looks exactly the same can I take this back ?

  • Sammy

    hi I have the last one in grey can I take this back ?

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