Urgent Recall On Morrisons Trimmed Beans

21 April 2017
Urgent Recall On Morrisons Trimmed Beans

Morrisons have issued an urgent recall on certain batches of Trimmed Beans due to a risk of them containing small pieces of metal. If you have recently bought some then check the packet as they may be unsafe for comsumption.

The affected products are: Trimmed Beans 170g with 'Display until' dates: 22 April 2017, 23 April 2017 and 24 April 2017

If you do have one of the affected batches, then DO NOT EAT! Take it/them back to a Morrisons store for a full refund. Don't worry if you don't have your receipt, as they know they are on recall, so it shouldn't be a problem.

This recall is said to be a follow-up of two customers finding metal needles 'inserted' inside the Green Beans, in two different locations - Glasgow and Manchester.

Image Credit: Mercury

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  • Lauren H.

    least we don't have any of these ones!

  • Jane B.

    It was morrisons dog biscuits the other day an now green beans , an how do beans get treaded onto metal as it looks like from photo unless someone has done this on purpose! Doesn't look like just odd bits from normal manufacture process?

  • Helen D.

    Omg we had these for tea last night - still have some in the fridge :grimacing:

  • James S.

    wow well I wont be shopping there lol

  • Freda S.

    Good job I got mine from Aldi x

  • Dianne R.

    Who on earth would do something so awful???!!!

  • Phil D.

    It actualy says needles in the small detail.

    Is this yet another thing they are doing secretly behind the scenes? Injecing beans with somethin to make them look fresher or nicer.

    like injecting prawns and chickens with goo to puff them up?

    I wish they asked it we actually wanted that.

  • Fay B.

    Not on my order this week thank goodness xxx

  • Kerry C.

    We ate ours last night :joy: But thanks though. Xxxxx

  • Vicki G.

    Eaten a packet on Tues mine.we're ok

  • Stephanie D.

    Oh goodness - luckily I don't have any! Xx

  • Nadia M.

    I know it put me off its terrible

  • Krystal P.

    Don't think anything could put me of vegetables but it is a worry especially with kids xx

  • Paula C.

    Luckily no. We'll stick to frozen peas X

  • Florida F.

    He usually buys the non trim ones, but thank you

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