Urgent Recall On Mamas & Papas Nembus, Mamas & Papas Aureus, Mamas & Papas Group 123 & Mamas & Papas Altair

Urgent Recall On Mamas & Papas Nembus, Mamas & Papas Aureus, Mamas & Papas Group 123 & Mamas & Papas Altair

Got a Mamas & Papas Car Seat or know someone who does? They have just issued an URGENT RECALL on a number of Group 123 car seats that were sold through Asda, Tesco, Shop Direct, as well as the Mamas & Papas site and their factory stores.

Whilst this recall is a precautionary measure, it is urgent as the issue is a safety one - in event of an accident the car seat shell may crack and therefore not provide the intended level of protection to the user.

The seats affected are Mamas & Papas Nembus, Mamas & Papas Aureus, Mamas & Papas Group 123 and the Mamas & Papas Altair. All are Group 123 car seats so will affect a lot of users.

To identify the seat, compare the orange label on the back with the one shown here*. The approval code should match and is 04 44596.

Mamas & Papas are offering a like for like replacement or refund for any affected car seat.

If you do own one of the affected seats, you should stop using it immediately and contact the Mamas & Papas Customer Services team on 03332 412154. A designated courier service will collect the car seat. You will be issued with a refund or replacement.

Alternatively, you can return the Car Seat into a Mamas & Papas store and an advisor will issue a refund or a suitable replacement product.

YOU DO NOT NEED A RECEIPT TO RETURN IT. If you purchased your car seat from Asda, Tesco or Shop Direct (Littlewoods & Very), still return via the methods mentioned.


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  • Julie R.

    However if you bought a Mamas and Papas car seat through Argos no one wants to take responsibility - went to both outlets and they passed us off so we just had to lose the money and buy another one - not worth the risk!

    • Lindsay C.

      Take it to mamas and papas like it says on the site they will get a suitable swop

      • Julie R.

        Lindsay Cottam we contacted them but they did not help at all. Perhaps we should have gone into the store with it but we did not have time as we needed the car seat - I remember it being a right pfaff. Anyway it's done now but just making people aware that they may not be overly helpful but they should be it is their name on the car seat regardless of where you buy it.

        • Vicky L.

          We had same problem bought this seat from asda contacted asda and mama papa no on was interested ended up buying another seat.

          • Julie R.

            just checked and hubby went into M and P and not interested. Not good enough.

            • Chloé P.

              Argos were great with us and refunded us at their lowest sale price it had been on at

              • Kelly N.

                Argos refunded our with no questions

                • Rose M.

                  If u see the m&p facebook page they are happy to swap even if purchase else where

                  • Carrie N.

                    M&P weren't interested at all. I ended up emailing M&P and not even had a response. I took mine back to argos, who refused to exchange till I showed them the recall notice, She eventually took it, but wasn't happy.

                    • Victoria P.

                      Argos refunded me when I showed them this link xx

                      • Julie R.

                        We went into Argos as well and neither were interested!

                      • Emma W.

                        Again 2nd time this year have they not learnt anything x

                        • Ceri W.

                          Not mamas and papas again!

                          • Sarah B.

                            We have a joie and mothercare one xx

                            • Adele H.

                              I have just found out my little boys carseat had been recalled we have had it over 3 years and brought it from asda I rang the number and I had a choice a new car seat or 50pound refund without any questions I asked for a new seat as didn't want to be left with no seat when going away the weekend mamas and papas where really helpful

                              • Hayley M.

                                I took mine back to Argos and they was very helpful