URGENT RECALL: Morrisons/Sainsbury's Éclairs/Profiteroles

URGENT RECALL: Morrisons/Sainsbury's Éclairs

Have you got Cream Cakes in your fridge? Bakkavor who makes Éclairs and Profiteroles for Morrisons and Sainsbury's have issued a recall on selected products due to a risk of them containing small pieces of metal.

Here's what's being recalled:

  • Sainsbury's 4 Belgian Chocolate Éclairs (4 x 35g), Use by date: 8 August 2016 and 9 August 2016
  • Sainsbury's 12 Belgian Chocolate Profiteroles (280g), Use by date: 8 August 2016
  • Morrisons Cake Shop 4 Cream Chocolate Éclairs, Use by date: 7 August 2016

No other products are affected. This is a precautionary measure, but a serious one.

If you do have any of the above in your fridge then DO NOT CONSUME! Take them back to where you bought them from, with or without the receipt and you will be given a refund.

Further information on this urgent recall can be found here.

Please note that packaging of the actual product may vary from the photos we have provided.

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  • Lisa K.

    doesn't this just prove it doesn't matter where you buy these things or how much you spend on them they are all made on the same production line?

  • Kayleigh H.

    They keep posting products being.recalled yet i go shopping daily and see the supermarkets still selling these items make u relise supermarkets dnt give a shit about your.safety and keep selling them.regardless

    • Kimberley M.

      It will be certain dates that the product was produced. Xxx

    • Claire W.

      It's only certain dates...you really think a supermarket wants a lawsuit on their hands? Ridiculous statement.

    • Jeanette C.

      No its not a ridiculous statement the dates relate to the contaminated batches.

    • Missy A.

      I work for a super market and I can assure you the statement you made is untrue our priority is dates ( which are always reduced when nearing the best before or use by ) also my store only has to get a whiff of contaminated products it's all removed and destroyed our customers are the priority

  • Ann B.

    Ate them Monday and Tuesday better not go through a scanner lol

  • Helen A.

    no cakes for us on Monday :scream:

  • Jenny R.

    See this is why we shouldn't buy cakes :joy::joy::joy:

  • Jacqui B.

    Never noticed anything , they just vanished...

  • Kerry S.

    defo no more cakes!!

  • Maria H.

    Woo METAL :metal:

  • Katie T.

    As if today wasn't bad enough!

  • Amy C.

    probably why there weren't any profiteroles yesterday

  • Carl A.

    i bet the silly twats in outer packing left stuff in the test packs lol

  • Kim W.

    Well ya dnt no really metal detectors are shit

  • Ronnie E.

    No we get the large chocolate eclairs only two in a box it's the 4 in a box that's been recalled just aswel we like chocolate eclairs :wink:

  • Michelle S.

    I know I got an email saying to return them but they had already been eaten! Kids seem ok!?

  • Lynsey S.

    This makes me want an eclair...

  • Jade H.

    show dad x

  • Becka B.


  • Jill P.

    this is my worst nightmare !! Recalled how can they last long enough ??

    • Jodi A.

      Oh me!!! :scream::scream:

  • Kerry L.

    Worth the risk lol x

  • Jimmy M.

    Tesco ones I eat

  • Lizzy R.

    Gosh iv eaten loads of them!!

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