Update : Tesco Product Recall On Tesco Double Strength Apple & Blackcurrant Juice


Since we posted THIS blog yesterday, lots of you have been in touch expressing concern and asking if there’s been any updates from Tesco.

The Tesco Double Strength Apple & Blackcurrant Juice has since been withdrawn from the Tesco grocery site  and Tesco did indeed release a statement yesterday afternoon, confirming the juice has been withdrawn from sale.

This was their official response :


So what is Dimethyl Disulphide? You can read about it in detail over at SEPA  or here on Wikipedia but most parents who've been in touch with us only want to know if this could have been responsible for their children's vomiting. Tesco assures us not, wisely advising via their contact centre anyone feeling ill should seek medical advice.

Concerned parents over on our Facebook page have been asking why their bottles smelled like "sewage" as opposed to the "garlic" smell Tesco have stated above and that's something we can't answer I'm afraid.

As yesterday, the advice is to discard any bottles you may have at home or return them to the customer service desk at your local branch, even if opened, and with or without a receipt for a full refund. If you wish to speak to Tesco Customer Service direct the telephone number is 0800 505555.

So, do you feel reassured by the response from Tesco?

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  • Etimmons
    how can it be a coincidence that so many children who have drank the affected product suffer from the same type of illness but it hasn't come from the juice. Load of rubbish I think! Covering their backs. Just hope that somebody else took a bottle to trading standards for a second opinion!
  • ezpz
    From what they wrote, Dimethyl Disulphide is what smells like garlic, so you have to remember that there are other ingredients that have different odours and the mix of them all could be causing the sewage smell.
  • pembury
    Is there any way someone can test these to find out what chemicals are in them before everyone pours them down the sink? The smell descriptions are so varied from "garlic" that it sounds suspicious and there were earlier reports of "Foreign Bodies". Also if they did put Dimethyl Disulphide in by accident then it seems likely that they wouldn't have been measuring appropriately for Dimethyl Disulphide at the time and it looks like it can be quite nasty stuff if not kept to minimal quantities, which might explain the sicknesses.
  • gabykate
    i have a bottle - Id be very interested to see what's in it?! Anyone have any ideas where I could take it?
  • 0011
    My son was poorly all last week and had to be off school.. He mentioned that the juice had a horrible smell but, unfortunately I didn't pay much attention at the time.. He had been drinking the juice all week and I actually encouraged him (not knowing it was the juice)to have more drinks so not get dehydrated.. He had the last of the juice on Monday morning,, Tuesday he was feeling a bit better and back to school... It's a shame that Tesco didn't make more of an effort to make people aware.. Annoyed that my child had to suffer unnecessarily..
  • ancha
    There are loads of labs that would test ingredients. Just google in your area. Might not be cheap but if proves to be the cause of illness surely can be recovered from tesco.
  • SumoSam
    buy cheap, buy twice. Should stick with Robinsons for squash!
  • Winifried
    i have a bottle - Id be very interested to see what's in it?! Anyone have any ideas where I could take it?
    Back to the store. Jesus Christ is your life that dull you want to investigate the ingredients of a drink?

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