Toys R Us Goes Into Administration Putting 3200 Jobs At Risk

Toys R Us Goes Into Administration Putting 3200 Jobs At Risk

EDIT 14/03/18: All Toys R Us stores in the UK are to close within the next 6 weeks according to news sources. TheBBCand Sky News report that no buyer has been found, and that as well as the stores already marked for closure the rest will follow, resulting in more than 3000 job losses.

EDIT 09/03/18: Toys R Us* have confirmed that the last date for redeeming Gift Cards in Sunday 11th March 2018, so you need to spend them in store by that date or they will be worthless. They have also stopped issuing any refunds, and will exchange only. If you have a Time To Pay Agreement you need to have settled the account and collected your goods by Sunday 11th March. The latest information from Toys R Us can be found here*.

Toys R Us have been struggling for some time now, and this morning comes the news that the company has officially gone into administration, putting 3200 jobs at risk in the UK.

They had been searching for a buyer since weak trading left them with a £15m VAT bill demand that they had little hope ff paying, and today they have appointed the administrator Moorfields.

A Moorfields spokesperson said: "We will be conducting an orderly wind-down of the store portfolio over the coming weeks.

"All stores remain open until further notice and stock will be subject to clearance and special promotions.

"We're encouraging customers to redeem their gift cards and vouchers as soon as possible".

So although stores remain open for the time being, apart from the 60 already in the process of closure, if you have any gift cards or gift vouchers you need to get them spent now.

This is a breaking story and we will keep you updated with further developments.


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  • Sarah F.

    think the boys had vouchers to spend?

    • Charlotte F.

      Urm maybe

      • Theresa K.

        Spend them fast

      • Lizzie W.

        .... it was only a matter of time

        • Natasha M.

          I'm not surprised after our last visit, sad though x

          • Ali M.

            yeah I saw it on here!! crazy! xxx

            • Gemma H.

              Not suprised with their prices. Feel sorry for everyone whos losing their jobs :(

              • Jennifer G.

                I don’t have any vouchers

                • Rachel A.

                  Seen it. No sales yet though. X

                  • Jade A.

                    Better get our bums down there n grab some birthday bargains :grimacing: xx

                    • Alison M.

                      Went online to spend and no options for adding to basket .... got a voucher to use

                      • Anna B.

                        You can’t use vouchers online (you couldn’t before this) only in store and they may have stopped accepting them already.

                        • Alison M.

                          Looks like you can’t buy anything

                        • Tina F.

                          OMG no way! I bet they have got some right bargains xxx

                          • Craig B.

                            It is a shame. But there prices were always too high compared to others. Even the closing down sale was poor. They didn't move with the times.

                            • Gemma H.

                              Closing down prices were still ridiculous. £6 for a paperback book (in the sale) which i found for £3 on amazon brand new :confused:

                            • Gemma F.

                              Lenny will be gutted!!!! Luckily The kids have already spent there vouchers xx

                              • Emma G.

                                Went yesterday to use my store credit and gift cards :ok_hand: the woman behind the toll was adamant they were staying open and wasn’t going into administration:rolling_eyes::rolling_eyes:

                                • Louise H.

                                  To be fair, sometimes the staff are the last to know.....

                                  • Emma G.

                                    Louise Howes the store I went to was already closing down and hardly had anything left but she was still persistent that nothing is happening as she said the news wasn’t correct

                                  • Barbara H.

                                    How can you not make a success of selling toys in this day and age?

                                    • Siobhan H.

                                      Saw this morning. Everyone saying about how expensive they are, don’t think many people realIse they price match with other stores/ online. I used to love going to toys r us as a kid :cry:

                                      • Lynne K.

                                        BHS and now Toys R Us! So sad to lose these popular high street names :frowning2:

                                        • Joanne M.

                                          So sad another couple of retailers lots of jobs lost too :slight_frown:

                                          • Nicola T.

                                            Not surprised there.. Their prices were rediculous.... Doesn't pay to be greedy

                                            • Lee P.

                                              Devastated :rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage:

                                              • Lauren R.

                                                Not surprised charge stupid prices for stuff when you can go to smyths or amazon for half the price ripping greedy people who own it poor people losing there jobs because of greediness x