Toys R Us Files For Bankruptcy Protection In The US & Canada

Toys R Us Files For Bankruptcy In The US

EDIT 20/09/17: Toys R Us have reaffirmed that the restructuring in the US and Canada do not affect business in the UK, Europe and Asia as they are separate entities. UK stores will continue normal operations. Full information can be found on the company's restructuring website at

Toy retailer Toys R Us has filed for bankruptcy protection in both the US and Canada, making official a move that has been rumoured for some time, as the company struggles with reported debts of $5billion.

The company has 1,600 stores worldwide employing more than 60,000 staff, including a large operation in the UK, but it has said its operations outside the US and Canada do not come under the bankruptcy protection filing.

Toys R Us have said that it's stores in the US and Canada will continue to operate as usual, and has not announced any plans to close stores.

The chain has struggled to compete with the likes of Amazon and online shopping, with it's large store chain structure thought to be unsustainable in the long term.

Toys R US Chairman and chief executive, Dave Brandon, said: "Today marks the dawn of a new era at Toys R Us where we expect that the financial constraints that have held us back will be addressed in a lasting and effective way.

"Together with our investors, our objective is to work with our debt holders and other creditors to restructure the $5bn of long-term debt on our balance sheet, which will provide us with greater financial flexibility to invest in our business, continue to improve the customer experience in our physical stores and online, and strengthen our competitive position in an increasingly challenging and rapidly changing retail marketplace worldwide."

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  • Cozy R.

    hopefully just US & Canada xx

    • Josh P.

      yeah ive emailed them an they said its got nothing to with uk xx

  • Victoria S.

    It is just America and Canada. UK is unaffected

  • Kimmy S.

    they have done it! Hopefully uk will be fine! We don't really use them though! Online orders on amazon are much easier and quicker!

  • Michelle W.

    glad we didn't pick toys r us vouchers with parks xx

    • Michelle W.

      No I don't live in America but i would have been nervous that the UK may follow

  • Kerry M.

    hopefully U.K. Will be fine xxx

    • Natalie T.

      UK stores are not affected & the protection is just a chance too pay off their debts but they cant get any more debts. They can still trade

    • Kerry M.

      Natalie Thomas :thumbsup_tone1:,As we are in the layaway scheme and just a bit worried incase we pay all the instalments and don't get any present xx

  • Dave R.

    Bankruptcy protection is completely different to bankruptcy

  • Carly D.

    This is not a shock in the slightest, a company that clearly hasn't moved with the times.

  • Monica G.

    Yeah hopefully doesnt affect uk...yet...

  • Zoe J.

    The big one in Times Square has already gone :frowning2:

  • Abbey R.

    It's all good mate. We're safe :)

  • Katie S.

    oh no, that's the one I was thinking about , went there a few years ago and loved it, even better now I have children lol x

  • Lianne M.

    No wonder with there prices!! One shop I try to avoid

  • Kath B.

    Im just reading this :cry::cry:xxx

  • Dominique J.

    It doesn't affect the UK.

  • Mary M.

    Ino I see some ppl saying it's not affecting here but I duno what to believe xxx

  • Charlene H.

    I use toys r us a lot... it's such a shame

  • Ashley R.

    What does this mean for us who have lay away?

    • Natalie T.

      Nothing. UK stores are not affected & the protection is just a chance too pay off their debts but they cant get any more debts. They can still trade

    • Ashley R.

      Okay... I've still got 10 weeks left to get my stuff :neutral_face:

    • Nessa H.

      They should be safe. I called and asked x

  • Hayley G.

    What does bankruptcy protection mean? They think they might end up going into bankruptcy?

  • Natalie T.

    Uk arent affected at all. X

  • Katie C.

    Yeah my mum went in last night and paid the remainder and picked the stuff up, just incase. Xx

  • Lisa D.

    I read it earlier.... Whilst it isn't "the end".... it's not looking great for them.... I feel sorry for the staff. All this uncertainty and on the run-up to Christmas too!!!!! Xx

  • Mikala H.

    Don't blame her either, people could be loosing loads both in money and toys.

  • Lisa D.

    UK stores aren't affected.... yet! I certainly wouldn't risk layaway with them as things stand. Too much uncertainty

  • David B.

    They over charge thats their problem. If home bargains can profit off toys up to 75% cheaper why cant they sell theres cheaper?

    • Fiona M.

      They sneak the prices up closer to Christmas, greedy!

    • David B.

      Fiona Mason don't get me wrong when somethings on sale in there its worth it but it should always be that price and just not do sales.

    • Kate M.

      But they price match so that doesn't matter as you can have it at the other shops price

    • Katrina H.

      They price match, even with prices from home bargains if u can prove the price..I got an item less than half price last year from them as they price matched with tesco..Tesco didn't have stock in any store or online for weeks and I showed them online and matched no problem..

    • David B.

      Katrina Herron yeah but other stores don't sell everything they do so price match isn't really worth anything. I'd rather just go in Home Bargains knowing it'll be cheaper than go to Toys r Us and price match. Everyone knows Toys r Us over charge. Like i was saying though, it's not about how much other stores charge it's the fact that other stores profit off them low prices so why are they charging 75% more?

    • Kate M.

      But you get it cheaper not the same price as you price match then use the gold card points vouchers and vouchers I always do it and get it cheaper that all the other shops , the only time it's not cheaper is if 3for 2 happens on discounted stuff that way the other shops work our cheaper X

    • David B.

      Alex Wilkinson XD funniest thing i've heard. we use the same suppliers as all supermarket but we mass buy which gives a discount then sell for low profit.

  • Laura D.

    Cheers David won't be going there then :joy:

  • Mathew D.

    It's not going to affect the UK at the moment I don't think x

  • Laura D.

    No wonder it's going bust the prices they charge are so expensive I've saved a fortune already for Christmas by getting majority of stuff from home bargains x

  • Laura D.

    They just greedy robbing sods lol x

  • Clare T.

    Luckily it's only US and Canada! xx

  • Sarah S.

    I think the UK side is ok - just US and Canada part that's filed.

  • Liz C.

    I know :(. I don't shop there very often so it's not a huge issue for me. I'm amazed though- I thought it was a shop that did well!!!

  • Sophie H.

    It's very surprising, as an international brand name too! I don't really shop there either but it's always useful to have somewhere that sells a bit of everything ! X

  • Roma B.

    Their sales slumped when they stopped doing credit

  • Annie H.

    I saw this!! Better not do the payment plan x

  • Michelle O.

    Have read it, it's the US and Canada only xx

  • Jason T.

    Lol no wonder there nout there

  • Amanda L.

    I was gutted it went! I always wanted to go on the ferris wheel they had in the middle of the store!

  • Katie S.

    it was so good, can't believe it's closed :scream:

  • Mo C.

    Store in Dundee, scotland told staff they could be bankrupt in 3 weeks

  • Mo C.

    Store in Scotland was told they could be bankrupt in 3 weeks. Affecting a lot more than what's being reported just now

  • Mo C.

    People keep saying the UK is not affected yet a member of staff from a store in Scotland was told they could be bankrupt in 3 weeks. I've been paying up Parks for toys r us vouchers all year. I called and swapped them to love to shop this morning. I'm not taking the risk

  • Emma E.

    I told mum this the other day and she didn't believe me x

  • Emma E.

    Supposed to be happening over here too x

  • Alistair G.

    Once voted the most child unfriendly chain in UK. I used to hate shopping there when Amy was younger.

  • Claire B.

    There opening 3 new shops in Edinburgh so thay can't be that bad

  • Terry R.

    I believe the European side falls under a different entity so let's hope not as that would be a catastrophe

  • Biawan

    ohhh so sad ... we were going this weekend to do the layaway for Christmas for a 12weeks.... but now we're worried... not so sure now

  • Angela F.

    I saw this earlier...better get using my credit note eh! Xx

  • Angela F.

    I could have kept them in business alone with all the thomas toys iv bought recently :joy::joy::joy: x

  • Vicky J.

    I've heard rumblings for a few weeks, it's not the UK yet but you never know

  • Andy D.

    Doesn't affect English or European stores

  • Anny C.

    not surprised!! Always bad customer service from our stores. Hate the fact they dominate the toy market! Hopefully they will restructure

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