Toys R Us Autism Friendly Shopping Event 8th October

Toys R Us Autism Friendly Shopping Event

For the third year running Toys R Us* have announced they will be holding a nationwide Autism Friendly Shopping Event in all stores.

This next event will be on 8th October 2017 with the times varying across the country as follows:

England and Wales - 10am to 11am,
Scotland - 9am to 10am,
Northern Ireland - 12noon to 1pm.

The is an autism-friendly browsing event for families affected by autism and additional needs to give the opportunity for families to enjoy an hour of browsing, and experience an everyday environment that may not always be easy for children affected by autism to cope.

Families will have the store exclusively to themselves for an hour before the stores are open to the general public.

Toys R Us stores will alter conditions in store to create a more autism friendly environment. Lights will be slightly dimmed and fluorescent lighting reduced where possible. Music and Tannoy announcements will be switched off during the event and autism-friendly signage will be utilised to offer a more calming influence and a quiet zone will be available should the need arise.

The Stores will open 1 hour prior to official store opening times for this event, though due to Sunday Trading legislation stores in England, Northern Ireland and Wales can't process sales until the official store opening time at 11am (England & Wales) or 1pm (Northern Ireland). Parents can return later that morning to pay for shopping if they wish, while Scottish stores will be able to process sales.

These events have been very welcome opportunities in the past for families affected by autism and additional needs, and it's great to see large stores taking part.

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  • Danielle C.

    there's one in castle court Belfast x

  • Geraint B.

    On the pillars in Sains Thornhill in between the tills there are staff posters about Autism hour on 2nd Oct i think it was.

  • Kat C.

    Absolutely not he will spend all my money lol x

  • Hannah R.

    Oh wow:heart_eyes: this is amazing! Think I'll take him here with his birthday penny's:see_no_evil:

  • Tracey B.

    Maybe should be called special needs hour My girls have Down syndrome, they don't like lights or noise. It's all others needs as well .

  • Yve E.

    More shops need to do this

  • Patricia R.

    Would still rather go shopping on my own :joy::joy::joy:

  • Faye C.

    Now we just need money lol :joy:

  • Louise H.

    Fantastic! I just Googled it and apparently it's going to be a nation wide day where loads of stores are taking part in autism hour on that day at 10am x

  • Annette T.

    Thanks I'll let friends of autism group know xx

  • Lynda D.

    we went to the one in sprucefield last year. well worth it

  • Louise B.

    10am until 11am! Definitely thinking about taking him down! Xxxxx

  • Kirsty A.

    Thank you I might have to take him xx

  • Toni K.

    The problem with this event is you can't pay till 11 so last year once my son picked what he wanted there was half hour wait till we could pay :rolling_eyes:

  • Vikki H.

    Sainsburys held this event last week :grinning:

  • Louise C.

    Aw I saw this advertised in the store but tbh I would never get out if I took the kids with me :joy::see_no_evil: x

  • Hayley �.

    Hoping they do it closer to Christmas as well

  • Karen R.

    It's more helpful to individuals who are autistic if they can shop when they decide to rather than a shop making changes for one hour. Can you imagine if we told a wheelchair bound person that they can only use blue badge bays and wider checkouts for one hour on a particular day and this is only once or twice per year? Autism... different, not less :heart:

  • Cecilia F.

    Why can't they do it for the whole day?

  • Emma M.

    Ah thank you for the thought Hun gutted as I'm away:( x x x

  • Emma Z.

    Shame it's so darn early when 10.30pm bed times call...#someonesgonnabeknackerrestomorrowlol

  • Azza J.

    I have two on the spectrum and a 3rd in the process of being diagnosed . I’m very fortune that I don’t need to attend this autism hour..Even though my non verbal high functioning son could attend with me. We do the “normal” (hate that word) shopping in there and he like every other child kicks off big time when we say no he cannot have. We only take him in on his birthday to avoid melt downs. I’m afraid I cannot schedule just one set hour to go shopping. He comes food shopping to and we eat out regularly. I’ve just always done what any “normal” family does..He loves flying, foreign holidays. Flew to USA and the time zones didn’t phase him. One hour is not enough..

  • Peter C.

    Is it me or does that Jeffrey the Giraffe look like he has a condescending attitude?

  • Katie G.

    I just realised the date :unamused: thought it was next weekend xx

  • Harriet G.

    I don't think we have one near us :disappointed: xx

  • Harriet G.

    Yeah I'd love to see how he reacts to it xx

  • Kate M.

    Nearly done now for Xmas X

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