Tommee Tippee Sippee Cup Manufacturer Recalls 3 Million Cups Over Mould Risk

Tommee Tippee Recalls 3 Million Cups

Millions of Tommee Tippee baby and toddler sippy cups have been recalled in the US after mould that formed in the valves was blamed for making children ill.

Mayborn USA, the manufacturer behind Tommee Tippee, is recalling more than 3 million cups after nearly 70 children reportedly became ill by drinking from cups with mouldy valves, according to the Consumer Products Safety Commission in the US.

Symptoms associated with drinking from mouldy cups included diarrhoea and vomiting, and mould formed on one piece - the white valve inside the spill-proof cups when it remains wet and is infrequently cleaned.

It is not yet clear if Mayborn or Tommee Tippee will also be recalling any of its products in the UK.

After pictures of mouldy cups were shared on social media earlier this year Tommee Tippee in the UK responded by issuing advice on cleaning the valves in the affected cups, and offered replacement clear valves so that parents could see that the cups were clean. Click here for the advice from Tommee Tippee and how to request a replacement clear valve for your cup.

We will keep you informed of any changes in the advice and of any recalls in the UK should they happen.

Wanting to avoid Tommee Tippee Cups? Try these: Munchkin Miracle 360 Cup*, Nuby Clik-It Easy Grip Cup (2 Pack)* just £5.99 @ Amazon or Philips Avent Baby Sip Cup* only £3.50 @ Amazon.

Have any of you been affected by this issue? Let us know in the comments or on our Facebook page.

Images Simon O'kanada / Facebook, Mayborn USA

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  • Nikita C.

    These cups are terrible! Had to throw one away within a couple of weeks of getting it due to mould.

  • Amy M.

    - need to replace tomorrow!!!!!!

    • Jodie B.

      If you have a style with the white filters in just phone them up and they will replace with clear ones that you can see.... I got some a few weeks ago and now just squeeze hot water threw it and leave to dry and it's fine xx

    • Amy M.

      Fab, thank you! We have at least 2 with the white filters shown, feel fairly sick now looking at these!

  • Nikki B.

    Dreadful to try and clean

  • Shaunna L.

    My daughter has the middle bottom one and been using them over 6 months. No issues at all just a very good clean (run water threw it and bang on side).

    Have checked one of her bottles other month when this sparked and it looked brand new

    • Charlotte L.

      Get a knife and cut the filter open. Water stays in there and doesn't dry properly so it goes mouldy but u can't see it from the outside. They'll send u some clear ones free. I've got some and still struggle to get all the milk/juice out. I leave them soaking overnight and still have the shake them to get rid of milk

  • Emma C.

    Terrible! The white part holds water inside so it's impossible to clean out properly! Had to throw my daughters out as mould is so easy to grow on these!

    • Cathy B.

      I had brought one a couple of days ago and noticed there will still milk inside the White part even after washing it .... Terrible design .... Not using it anymore

  • Charlotte D.

    Glad I threw all mine out! I had heard something about it xxx

  • Nicole L.

    If you call up their customer services they send you out the new clear valves and a free cup. They have been doing so for a while, I've had mine a few months now.

  • Rachael T.

    Literally bought the bottom middle one yesterday. Although I did check it and you can remove the clear bit on it so not sure if it'll actually be a problem.

    • Rachel H.

      We've used tommee tippee for a couple of years with no issue. Ours have the white plastic bit with removable clear valve (sounds like what you have). They're used for milk and water and I've never had a issue keeping them clean. My little boy only has one left though as the others broke (he's a thrower).

  • Lisa V.

    I had the bottom middle one for my boys and had no issues at all. This was a while back. They've got proper cups now.

  • Jodie B.

    If you phone them up they will send you clear replacement filters for free x

  • Joanne B.

    I don't understand these clear valves they replace them with,surely it would be betters if they design them so u could open the plastic bit to clean n sterilise after each use, threw all my daughters away now :confused:

  • Tania S.

    Crap just bought a new one too!!! :rage:

  • Michelle A.

    You can't beat a normal free flow beaker. No mould risk as there aren't valves.

  • Vicki S.

    The old designs were far better. You could clean them throughly

  • Amanda W.

    Awful we had the insulated tumbler that my toddler took to bed with his milk and the milk would turn to cheese in the valve overnight and it is absolutely impossible to clean inside. Threw it out.

  • Faith T.

    I have the 360 cup I can't remember what brand it is nuby I think and its brilliant really easy to take apart and clean xx

    • Keyla H.

      Munchkin 360 miracle cup ! It's brilliant cup best one by far and we have tried a hundred with my three kids ! X

  • Tori H.

    not recalled here yet, but not a good thing! Will be buying new ones me thinks!

  • Natalie S.

    Why only the US?!

  • Sarah F.

    I had to throw mine out too. Cant clean ot properly and it stank so went in the bin!

  • Vicky R.

    Does this apply in the UK too?!

  • Bustie L.

    If you take them to pieces and dry them properly then no problem.... Leave anything damp and it will grow mould. Alternative is stick them in the dishwasher. Nonsense blame culture!

    • Julie T.

      You can't take the White valve to pieces it is moulded plastic....therefore cannot clean inside properly! The black mould is visible through valve holes when looking closely!

    • Keyla H.

      You can't actually take it to pieces that's the point lol. They haven't made it so you can open the valve

    • Gayle L.

      It's actually not nonsense blame culture in this case. We have been washing and drying out the white valve perfectly every time these cups have been washed. After reading this, I decided to cut one of the White valves open ( we have no smell or illness noted), it was absolutely disgusting, black and green mould! I had absolutely no idea. Tommee tippee need to re think the design.

  • Kirsty M.

    I binned mine a few months ago. Never used it after hearing about it.

  • Jacky J.

    I bought one today and it has a clear filter now.

  • Kate H.

    I noticed they have changed the design since I weaned my now 3 year old. It's not very good if you can't take it apart....

  • Natalie V.

    I have 2 of these cups and complained on the UK Tommee Tippee facebook page this week with exactly the same complaint. Would not recommend these at all!

  • Helen M.

    I guess it depends what you put into them. I have a 5 year old now and absolutely no mould issues in any cup he drinks water from. Milk or juice is put in a cup where all parts can be broken down for cleaning, like the anyway up cup. It's just common sense.

    • Rachel B.

      If people actually opened it and cleaned it after every use it would be fine... disgusting people x

  • George M.

    In the bin it goes!

  • Colleen C.

    I have bottom middle one as long as regular thou rally cleaned no problems like all bottles/beakers need to be cleaned because of build up

  • Jo D.

    GOOD bout time too!! I threw all of ours out after finding mound in one of my kids cup!

  • Julie T.

    Impossible to clean inside the white valve, tried loads of different things. Ended up just binning it! Infuriating especially because they are not the cheapest to buy! :rage:

    • Jennifer C.

      I threw mine away too because it put me off that you can't clean inside the White valve :smirk:

  • Sarah B.

    Although ours were clean, I contacted Tommee Tippee numerous times to request replacement valves that were clear as their advice stated but never actually received anything despite chasing them up

  • Jenni B.

    I cleaned mine out every day never had an issue with it as long you thoroughly clean it and take it all apart to do so you shouldn't have any issues

  • Lucy N.

    Nice to see the USA are doing something about it! I've complained and all I got was some new valves!

  • Holly R.

    Can anyone recommend alternative brands to the first two pics shown? Going to throw mine away tomorrow! I've had to replace ALL of my son's Tommee Tippee bottles. The 1st lot due to the measurement markings coming off within a couple of weeks of use! Not happy with the brand at all.

    • Lisa A.

      Munchkin 360! They're fab!

    • Bianca K.

      Munchkin 360 are brilliant and helps child get used to a cup

    • Pixie S.

      Nuby. Munching 360 and boots own brand

    • Lisa W.

      Avent for actual bottles I've used for both mine and markings don't wash off either although I hand wash not through dishwasher. And nuby sippy cups are good easy to take apart and put back together I got one of the top left cup for my daughter thank goodness she wouldn't drink from it it's now taken a trip to the bin!!

    • Amber D.

      Nuby are easy to clean!

  • Hannah J.

    As long as you take them apart properly and wash them and sterilise the tops in boiled water and they dry out fine, aoife has 2 and they aren't mouldy, she's had one since 10 months old only ever put squash in and that new one you got her with the straw in I had a look how to take that apart too X

  • Danielle W.

    I love TT bottles but their sippy cups are absolute rubbish I really recommend the Nuby sippy cups they are fab and you can remove the spouts to thoroughly clean

  • Samantha E.

    If I clean them out properly each time u don't get mould !

  • Emma C.

    My boy had middle bottom one had no issues but just opened the white bit inside and omg its awful its black and i wash that like my life depends on it! X

  • Kelly D.

    omfg im throwing mine away

  • Katy J.

    It's clever as it teaches them to drink from a real cup xxx

  • Sadie W.

    Yeah I chucked all mine last yr because of this. Xx

  • Terri C.

    I stopped using these ages ago! Because you can't clean properly the inside bit x

  • Janet H.

    Thankyou . Will check xx

  • Katy J.

    They sell them in tesco/asda etc too xxx

  • Natalie V.

    I've just replied to Tomme Tippe on their Facebook page after my complaint earlier this week. Let's see what they say. Xx

  • Sarah M.

    I complained to tt via Facebook got told I'd receive a replacement bit that goes in the middle 2 months later nothing received

  • Hannah K.

    We were sent replacement valves

  • Judy C.

    I have wondered about it - always seems really difficult to get clean. Will check what we have here ....

  • Alison M.

    I just threw mine out, I had the insulated sippee tumbler and as u can't open the bit inside the lid and the water stays trapped in it, waste of money :neutral_face:

  • Kelly T.

    So what do you do then just chuck it away? X

  • Jade C.

    Yes we threw out 3 of their cups as we couldn't clean the white bit thoroughly. I noticed it smelt like sour milk so they got binned. Annoying as they cost £5 each. I'm not surprised they've been recalled. We had the bottom left.

    • Barbara S.

      I phoned up customer service and kicked up a fuss they sent me out the straw ones that don't have the filter :ok_hand: worth a go if you want to be compensated for the money youv forked out for a hazardous product

  • Helen T.

    I have the transition cup :(

  • Holly T.

    Omg! I have two of them!

  • Amyjayne W.

    Dont know why they changed from the old valves to these, the old vavles were easy to take apart and clean We use the 360 ones now, much cleaner

  • Abbie N.

    I have 3 but don't know how to take them back??

  • Laurana C.

    I called TT and requested new valves. Received them a week later... They're clear plastic now so you can see that they're properly cleaned.

  • Lucy C.

    We had the second one in and the bottles used to stink if used for milk. I used to spend a long time cleaning the valve which was tricky and sterilising the valve too. It still smelt. Now I know why looking at the inside picture which shows the part you can't clean yourself. We stopped using them months ago. We had bought a lot as have twins so were disappointed in such a big brand.

  • Kate F.

    Luckily i havent got any of these x

  • Kat W.

    it'll be binned now xxx

  • Annette W.

    Take them apart and wash them in a sink by hand

  • Steph S.

    Munchkin 360 cup is the best ever, easy to clean so no nous problems and they are recommended by dentist as they are good for their teeth

  • Jayne N.

    My Daughter only used TT for her little one. She thought they were clean. Took them apart ..... disgusting. She now only uses Nuby cups, as they come apart easily to clean.

  • Sundeep K.

    Mine is in the bin lol

  • Yvonne E.

    They should not be able to sell cups that do this. Bloody disgusting. Makes me wonder how much yucky stuff my 3 have had :rage:

  • Victoria S.

    Had loads of these never any issues but binned them after baby 2 !!!!

  • Sarah E.

    it is bad, they do come with clear instructions to clean then and remove all the parts but I doubt many people pay attention of bother to do that every wash?!

  • Rachael B.

    Yes you can't separate and clean them. Leading to a build up of off milk...gross!

  • Rachael B.

    They've sent me replacements as I complained. They are looking at bringing back the separated style again. Can't believe they actually changed the design. It's worse now.

  • Yzdani L.

    Never had any problems with them, but I was advised by a health worker to actually throw away the valves and let them be free flowing, this was for speech and development and not mould.

  • Laura J.

    Thankfully don't have any of them!! Horrible for the parents that do..xx

  • Holly B.

    I've binned mine..

  • Rachel C.

    I have one of these for my son will deffo throw it away now!!

  • Maxine L.

    we'll have to stop using these. X

  • Moir A.

    We have so many of these

  • Denise M.

    we both use the sports cup! Yuck! Chucking mine x

  • Georgina G.

    - not sure if they're going to do it with the UK ones but interesting... Reluctant to use ours now! Xxxx

    • Megan T.

      Ive just bought one of these! Messaging them to see if theyll send a replacement.

  • Natalie P.

    Yes I had the 12 month one in pink and after seeing the mouldy post opened hers up and even though her cups are separated and left in soak over night in hot soapy water it was black was mortified

  • Erin G.

    Thank you!!!!

  • Lynsey C.

    We have 2 of those. I'll be going and buying new ones now :mask:

  • Fiona M.

    I binned ours as they smelled funny very quickly, they were a terrible design compared to the previous version which my older child had as you could take the filters to bits & clean each part. I switched to nuby & won't be going back for baby 3

  • Nikki A.

    If you clean them properly and sterilise them every once in a while then they are fine

  • Bryony L.

    I've checked them all they are fine but its not worth the risk so I've binned them xx

  • Naomi C.

    I think this is only a problem for people who give children milk and fruit juice through them, though goodness knows why anyone would be that thick. There's no common sense in the world any more. When we were kids we weren't even allowed to drink milk through straws for the same reasons!

  • Donna B.

    My little girl has always used these cups but inside of them don't have the full white bit they have a white bit and a clear rubber bit which comes apart to clean so they have changed to remove chances of mould building up. I have never had a problem at all with them and will continue to use them :blush:

  • Kerry B.

    I've had this issue and I've complained to them. It would be interesting to know how many other people have complained and been fobbed off!! :rage::rage:

  • Lisa C.

    I have two types of these . The two middle ones. Urgh

    • Lisa C.

      they will be gone tomorrow !! Rotten eh. Not worth the risk.

    • Naomi H.

      It's disgusting isn't it. And they cost you a fortune!

  • Rebecca S.

    Just bought one of these for my little girl. Are they being recalled over here and how to I go about retuning it.

  • Natalie W.

    They've now changed the two way valve is now clear so you can see the muck as it develops :joy:. Doesn't solve the problem though!!!

  • Natalie W.

    You cannot dry inside the valve. If the cup is not used for a few days that's when mould etc can start to grow. Once it starts, it is extremely difficult to get it out as there's no way to get into the valve to clean it.

  • Emma W.

    Had this trouble loads wiv a couple of bottles my son used, used Asdas ones nd had no problems

  • Nicola V.

    When you open the white big up can it be put back together once cleaned

  • Rachel C.

    Never seen the point in the fancy cups with seals. We've always just used the simple £1.99 flip up tommee tippees with no extra bits!

  • Helen M.

    Yeah I had 2 of them and chucked them in the bin when I heard about it a few months ago. I do find that kids sippy cups aren't designed for easy cleaning I go through so many as you try and take the lids apart to get to every single bit and end breaking them. Trying to get my son onto using normal cups for all drinks atm.

  • Alisha H.

    Thank god for NUBY hey

  • Sarah P.

    I've had this problem over the course of the last 8 years. Cost me a fortune having to bin them and buy more.

  • Izzy P.

    We threw ours away as my husband got a load of gunk out of the white bit. So gross. We are super cautious of the cups we buy now. x

  • Gill S.

    I stopped using the 4mth cup cause of mould in it ... Bought 3 before i realised it was the cup

  • Stephanie V.

    Luckily I've not used mine yet! X

  • Rachel B.

    I phoned up about 4 months ago to claim the free transparent valves which were promised to be sent out the next day never received them. I just make sure I clean and sterilise them daily as my daughter won't accept any other beaker

  • Louise D.

    I did i have the 4+ month one i took it back to tesco and they exchanged it straight away and and no problem with new on but dont use it as much

  • Kelly C.

    I've just brought one these I'm sure they were better when my 6 year old was younger, but 2bh I'm not to fussed I'll see how we go but I change ours often anyway

  • Tanya K.

    I had one that went mouldy

  • Gemma H.

    weve stopped using ours recently becsuse we found mould in ithe valve and yes we did clean it every day

  • Laura S.

    Joyful, they are all I use!

  • Jo-Ella B.

    Yes I've thrown 2 out. I emailed tommee tippee, they responded with "we will look in to this" and I have never heard back! I don't hold out much hope!

  • Kelly M.

    I know noticed mould a little while ago. I regularly clean the cup and have tried to clean the small bits. I have stopped using it now as it's not hygienic

  • Michelle B.

    Why don't they design a valve can can be taken apart to clean ?! I have two of these cups and I wash them every day as per instructions I don't dare use them for milk because I've heard horror stories of mould!

  • Vicki T.

    Yes my daughter had one for bed. She had been having a spate of respiratory illness for quite some time that she couldn't shake off. I saw a post about this a while ago so decided to check, I can't add a picture but it was absolutely disgusting, you could clearly see the mould through the holes. I cleaned it out after every use and it only ever had water in it. I was horrified. I threw it straight in the bin and will never buy tommee tippee again. Funnily enough she soon got over her illness and hasn't had one since, this was in February!

    • Louise C.

      Thanks for posting, this is familiar and very interesting!

  • Katy J.

    You can't actually get the white bit apart to clean it and it's that bit where all the gunk collects. I cleaned mine with boiled water and through the dishwasher and it was still mouldy xxx

  • Kerry W.

    Thanx hun. We brought nuby as it's clear and can see through it xx

  • Martina F.

    How do we return them in the UK?

  • Kirsty C.

    Think I'll be going to a get a new one. I always leave mine to soak in hot soapy water but u never know what's inside if u can't see in the filter xx

  • Helen C.

    None of these bottles are intended for milk. They are water bottles, therefore any residual milk won't get trapped in places and mould

  • Carrie G.

    Yeah I have two of the sporty ones and they are so hard to clean. And even harder to get the valve dry.

  • Jessica T.

    I had these with my daughter and now use them for my son. It's only a problem if you don't clean them properly. I've never had a problem in all the years I've used them

  • Megan W.

    Awful design....threw them away within a week of buying them because couldn't clean them properly.

  • Louise M.

    Had these cups they were very difficult to clean the one piece value properly. I used to run hot water through them and shake it out. I did like the spouts on them and my son couldn't undo it, with other cups he would push the rubber teat/spout into the cup and the juice would go everywhere. When I see a post about mould growing in them I didn't even look i just threw them away.

  • Lisa I.

    I have had replacement valves sent to me as I complained but since then nit used the cup x

  • Kate D.

    U have to take the small plastic bit out n wash n dry them properly n this doesn't happen... when buying products it would say to do this. It's common sense?! Like with a babies bottle if u don't take the teat out the same would happen??!!

  • Lindsey A.

    Yep we use them! Not cheap ether!

  • Janine B.

    Never had any issues with our kids cups as we were always able to remove the cap!! And this is going back 4 years ago

  • Beckie M.

    I had a couple of them but I took it apart to wash it like it said in the instructions. It was a pain but I didn't buy any more of those ones once I realised how much work it was to clean them. Half an hour of getting into all the bits is excessive :sob:

  • Jessica C.

    good thing I've chucked them xxxxx

  • Kate K.

    Just realised we've got one of them! In the bin it goes :blush: xxx

  • Ellie H.

    My child has many of th se above cups and I have thrown a couple away due to the mound build up and I'm an avid cleaner too!

  • Shaunna C.

    My sons have always used these and never had a problem aslong as they are taken apart and washed and dried correctly

  • Sarah M.

    Yep ended up throwing ours away, impossible to clean.

  • William H.

    I have 3. Took the valve apart this morning, 2 clean one had a little build up. Must be nice being perfect though. :thumbsup_tone1:

  • Louise F.

    I phoned TT and explained we had 2 cups that looked fine but I was a bit worried with all the reports flying around. They sent me out a wee parcel with 10 of the clear filter thingys. They are much better as you can see if there is any liquid still caught inside; mostly just soapy dish water but you've really get to shake and rinse for quite a while to make sure it's totally clean.

  • Anna C.

    Threw both of mine out as they were impossible to keep clean. Awful awful design!

  • Gemma M.

    Ive these but so far no probs I can't understand y they took away the valve they were using off the explorer cups they were amazing easy an hygienic I would still buy them of see them about

  • Lauren L.

    ahh I've just bought 2 xx

  • Diane N.

    I've stopped using my 2 because of the same problem. Really disappointed in T T I've always thought they were a good product not anymore.

  • Emma W.

    My son has the bottom left one and he's had it for well over a year. I only put water in it, wash it up in boiling hot water and with antibacterial washing up liquid. No problems with being ill and I've checked it for mould by shining a torch through it and it's as clean as a whistle. I guess it depends on the type of drinks you put in it

  • Steph R.

    Binned mine

  • Kim G.

    I have the 12m one! I'll check it xx

  • Rachel B.

    We have loads of these! Glad you shared this so I can get new valves at least! Yuck! x

  • Laura W.

    I have these what do I do?

  • Claire P.

    Not very nice!! I need to ring them today to get new valves too x

  • Amber S.

    It's OK! I've seen stuff like this before and thought it was people not cleaning them properly but obviously not! Xx

  • Vickie B.

    Thanks gonna get them to send a replacement valve

  • Kerry B.

    Oh god! I have two of these cups xx

  • Lisa L.

    I had to chuck mine out it was horrible

  • Hayley W.

    I always took it apart completely to clean them.

  • Amy E.

    Its stupid ive 4 kids and over 12 years had numerous cups from TT never got mouldy.......they aren't for milk......however if cleaned properly after EVERY use i.e boiling water & w.up liquid then left to air , not put back together n fastened you will never get mould........also any plastic cups should be replaced every few months anyway x

    • Sarah L.

      You can't see the mould unless you CUT open the white cap I've seen videos where people have showed the cups and lids are clean then with a saw cut open the lid an found mould it's a part of the cup that can't be cleaned that's why there being recalled

    • Amy E.

      You would be able to see it as it would go to the holes too and it would smell xx

    • Hannah O.

      You litrally cant open the white vavle to clean inside it, debris builds up inside. I have a 5 and 4 year old who used the old style cups they had abd never had a problem. The ones i have for my 1year old however have had mould. And yes i have "been arsed" to strip them down and clean them properly, you just simply cannot get inside it to clean it thoroughly.

    • Sarah L.

      people are to quick to judge you can clean it everyday only have water in it and it's still going to get mouldy and you literally have to cut the valve open an then it has to be thrown out! By the way yes you can cut it open takes a lot of strength and the right tool :relaxed: not into Facebook debates so have a good night people

  • Terri M.

    This was a while back go on to their page and there's a free phone number to get a new one and a clear filter so u can see what's what

  • Sophie F.

    Nuby ones are good. I got so many different ones £5 plus a go! And the only one she liked was cheap tesco baby one £1.50 ! X

  • Kay F.

    I bought f the munchkin 360 cup from boots and took him a while to suss it but he's getting there it's a non spill one :thumbsup:xx

  • Melanie G.

    We had the sportey cup when dd was younger and I still think it was the best cup she ever had. Yes you have to take it apart to clean it but it takes a minute if you have a bottle brush. You can clearly see there is juice, water in that part as it's clear, I really don't understand why people wouldnt clean it. If you take the time to clean a baby's bottle why not do the same with this? Just lazy in my opinion

  • Melissa M.

    So bad.. Tommee Tippee yet again!! Xx

  • Jade B.

    I thought they were meant to be one of the best brands! So annoying! Xx

  • Angela D.

    Will be going in the bin now for sure!!! :grimacing:

  • Rhiannon S.

    If people cleaned them properly it would be fine but there should be strict and very noticeable instructions on how to clean!

  • Emma W.

    People are so stupid if ye clean these properly then u don't get mould !

  • Kirsty L.

    I have one of these

  • Kirsty L.

    Yea I did, they aren't recalling ones in the uk yet

  • Sue G.

    I've had some of these cups in the past an i found as long as I washed them properly I didn't have a problem.....

  • Jenna P.

    I use these

  • Sam L.

    I used the 4+ month sippy cup and its disgusting the filter bit doesn't separate like they have done in previous years so you can't clean them properly I chucked it and started using nuby beakers instead

  • Amy H.

    I threw mines out thank goddddd

  • Samantha G.

    I threw my sons away, he only had water in it, I washed and sterilised it regularly. I started to notice inside the White bit it didn't look so clean so I threw them away!

  • Bex W.

    I have several of these cups, I called tommee tippee a few months ago and was promised replacements, they've still not arrived alive had to go out and buy all new cups

  • Angela H.

    I never buy cups with valves always use free flow ones x glad we don't now x they're cheaper too :)

  • Lisa T.

    I have a munchkin miracle 360 one for Zacary. It's fab. Just like a cup but non spill...

  • Nattie B.

    I always buy ones that have a clear spout so u can see all inside x

  • Ruth H.

    Yip this is why I don't buy them now cos you can't clean them properly, it's a stupid design! X

  • Orla S.

    Ohhh I always make sure and take the white part under the sippy spout off and clean it...Iv had no far :hushed:

  • Lyndsay C.

    This has been around for months. At the time I'd recently bought a couple for my 1 yr old as soon as I saw the articles I got rid of them. Can't believe it's taken this long for them to recall the products

  • Helen K.

    I've always stripped them and cleaned all the bits as stated of course it's going to get mouldy same if you didn't clean milk bottles it quite simple - clean and sterilize

  • Kimberley G.

    These are rank! They worked great but they were not easy to clean! I chucked ours! Never again!

  • Małgorzata N.

    I've got like 10 of them, all of them mouldy inside the filter or however you call it

  • Marion M.

    I loved the old cups where the valves came apart...I used to bung them in the steriliser and dry on draining board before putting them back together

  • Nicky J.

    As long as you remove the 2 pieces of the valve, clean them and leave them to dry before putting them back together, you won't have a problem. We've had these cups for years. People do t take them Apart to clean or put them back together when they are damp

    • Hannah O.

      The valves are no longer in 2 pieces though. Its a sold one piece that you cant clean inside proply. You cant see the mould unless its cut open

    • Nicky J.

      Oh - that's awful then, how ridiculous. i did wonder what all the fuss was about. I understand now. Glad they are recalling them

  • Bekki A.

    I had the old style ones with the 2 valves and they where brilliant when i was using them for my daugter but now i am using them for my son with the new style valve i hate it i cudnt even get my valve out had to wait for my partner to come home n in the end he had to ise plyers got the valve out and it was not good at all it had snapped. BRING BACK THE OLD ONES

  • Gem G.

    omg that's terrible, I've always bought the expensive ones 4 the fact u think there safer xx

  • Amber D.

    Yeah we use Nuby ones now. What a ball ache! Xx

  • Joanna M.

    I just checked mine.. no mould x

  • Donna M.

    I've rang and got replacement valves already xx

  • Jade L.

    Jesus, I think I've got all these...

  • Jade L.

    I chucked one about a year ago after cleaning it out and being able to see mould and not being able to reach it to clean it. Was only used very very few times with juice and was always scrubbed (ocd mumma). This was before all this came into the spotlight!!

  • Toni B.

    Not good is it.

  • Becky B.

    It's gross

  • Nicki M.

    2 months ago they said they would replace mine

  • Suzanne D.

    I only ever used one of these for water and after 2 wks noticed little black mould spors. We contacted Tommee tippee and had no reply. Bring back the old model I have two from my first child who is now 6 and they are still going strong.

  • Dale B.

    Anything that is contained with a small hole it a huge breeding ground for bacteria! I chucked the one I had as it's just too risky.

  • Katy D.

    Wow that's awful

  • Emma-Louise G.

    Thanks I checked mine and was fine but I only tried using it twice (I'll bin it now though) and he's not interested iv got a different one - will see if he uses it :see_no_evil: xx

  • Donna M.

    Yuk have few of these

  • Chloe B.

    How can i report them?

  • Laura-Maria M.

    I threw all tomee tipee related products and any other make of nonspill cups out because of this a few months ago. Caleb uses munchkin 360 cup or an ordinary ikea kids glass. X

  • Gabrielle E.

    Urgh. I must admit i keep an eye on the inside as best I can x

  • Laura-Maria M.

    The 360 cups are brilliant. X

  • Adele W.

    Thank you, saw this a while ago so always made sure iv bought 1s that can be completely pulled apart to clean :) xxx

  • Colleen M.

    Yeah i do but its not a problem If ur not a dirty dog and actually dismantle and wash the cup Properly everytime and let it air dry. Well ive had no probs with mould, plus these type of cups need replacing every few months anyway as the wee teeth score them and germs get in.

  • Claire S.

    I threw all of mine away after having the same problem don't know why they changed the design! Won't use any of their beeakers now

  • Laura M.

    I threw my sons last one out because there was no access to clean the lid

  • Gayle T.

    We got the clear replacements they are not much better you have to shake the drink out wash in soapy water shake soapy water out rinse shake the water out I can see how mould grew in old style takes an age to get em clean! I also use Milton in mine but still not as good as the old valves you could take apart! X

  • Holly W.

    I haven't got any of those... We chucked them ages ago when the mould stories were going around! Thank you tho x

  • Flea

    i had to through these valves out a few weeks after buying these cups as you could tell by looking at them it'd be mould trap! The old style from my first child you popped the white bit and clear bit out washing everything separate and popped it back together.  I still have these 2-3 years on and only threw a few out due to the drinking but being chewed, not because it was disgusting!!! Very silly design, 1 it doesn't come apart, 2 you can't see inside....

  • Lucy H.

    Yep my little girl uses one of these type but if you take it apart and wash like should you don't get the problems

  • Sian W.

    I have had no issues with this type of cup Ive seen the mould issues before Ive checked each one Ive thrown and no mould!!!! , Ive always soaked them when washing so maybe this is why also they have only ever had juice or water in I would not use these cups for milk based drinks

  • Olivia M.

    iv the same one.. not a prob with mine either take it apart n scrub it n scald with boiling water.. cant see how it would mould unless u left it lyin rottin!!!! dirty daugs lol

  • Jessica S.

    it has reach the uk at last!!

  • Clare O.

    I had the 9m+ sippy cup. Scrubbing, boiling, sterilising, soapy water, dishwasher.. Nothing worked and when my son was sick for 2 weeks and i cut the valve ooen it was black inside. Only used for water and juice so it wasnt caused by milk. Never bought another one since

  • Mandy P.

    Oh no!

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