THE Coolest Gadget EVER? The Bike That Is Also A Washing Machine

THE Coolest Gadget EVER?

If I could have two wishes come true what would I pick? To have the perfect figure and for my washing pile to diminish. It would seem that dreams do come true... some flaming genius has invented the Washing Machine Bike!

Those absolute godsends are Xuefei Liu, Di Fang, Linhao Su, Zhanbing Li, Xiaoyu Gao Xueyi Wang, Wen Fan, Liying Zhu, Deqian Zhao, Huan Li, Mengmeng Hu and Weiwei Li of Dalian Nationalities University.

You may think I have been on the Gin, but seriously, this exists. We aren't sure when we will see this in stores, but it's a thing.

Basically, it's a stationary bike, like the ones you get for exercising and it has a drum instead of a front wheel, for washing to go in. You cycle and it gives the washing machine the energy to get to work.

We aren't sure exactly how the water drains and if you have to attach it for a water supply, but we will be keeping our eyes peeled for further details.

This will save you £££'s whilst you lose lbs! They want to hurry up and get this into stores - I am already waving my money at 'em!

For now I will stay chunky and snowed under with dirty laundry. Here's some cheap Laundry Liquid* from Amazon.

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