Tesco Direct To Cease Trading

Tesco Direct To Cease Trading

WOW! What a shocker! Tesco Direct is to be no-more. The Online Store owned by Tesco, is to cease trading on 9th July 2018. The shock announcement comes after a review of the non-food trader.

Unfortunately, the closure of Tesco Direct will result in the risk of 500 workers losing their jobs.

Will this affect Tesco Groceries? It's looking like Groceries and Non-Food Products will be available eventually from one online platform. Tesco Groceries will remain unchanged at present.

Here's the official statement from Charles Wilson, Tesco’s UK and Ireland Boss: "We want to offer our customers the ability to buy groceries and non-food products in one place and that’s why we are focusing our investment into one online platform. ‘This decision has been a very difficult one to make, but it is an essential step towards establishing a more sustainable non-food offer and growing our business for the future."

What does this mean for ongoing orders? Orders may take 2-5 days now, and further delays may occur, but you will be notified if this is the case, by Customer Service.

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  • Nikita P.

    Good. I stopped using tesco direct when they added all the other retailers.

    • Andrena D.

      snap! We used them for ordering gifts at xmas in work ....NIGHTMARE!

  • Michelle M.

    Gutted! I love a Tesco bargain!

  • Damien M.

    There going too COMBINE!!!! Groceries and tesco direct. So a complete new platform.... so it aint really going anywhere. Only temporary till the new playform is up.. if people read it does state this.

    • Neil W.

      I read a more extensive article earlier and whilst it did say that some non food items would be on Tesco.com, it would be limited so not everything would be on there

    • Damien M.

      Neil Williams aye just spoken to a old manager of mine whom is a tesco manager. Said it will just be products that can be purchased in-store.

    • Jules Q.

      This isn't true, they will only be selling a select range of non food items on the groceries website, I have also read it in depth and it states exactly that. They are making a loss on the Tesco Direct website which is why they are closing it down.

  • Rachael E.

    Gutting this :disappointed:hopefully Tesco.com will still stock stuff :disappointed:

  • Rachel M.

    What????!! :scream::scream::scream::scream:

  • Jackie B.

    Am I presuming that childrens uniform and clothing you will still be able to order via Tesco normal website then and potentially have them delivered together at the same time?

    • Susan A.

      im hoping this is the case.....although its not clear though :-(

    • Neil W.

      Apparently items that are sold in store will be available on the website so hopefully

    • Annette W.

      If you are on about the embroidered uniform then that is not effected, we got an email from our school which was from tesco

    • Karen P.

      F and f is completely going from online and will not be merging with tesco.com My manager has just told me this as I work on clothing in store x

    • Jackie B.

      Oh no, our extra store has such limited sizes, generally I always have to order shirts and trousers online as they never seem to have the older ages in store or if they do there is only one of them available!!

  • Lian H.

    That’s a bummer! I get some great toys at good prices from here :grimacing:

  • Heather M.

    Gosh!I love tesco direct:cry:

  • Leah T.

    We ain’t making enough money apparently so we have to close the website:joy::joy: just got a message from my management team

  • Tracey S.

    Bloody hell!!!! Bit drastic

  • Claire S.

    Omg Nearly had breakdown till I read other comments phew looks like it's just joining with grocery bit. :grimacing:

  • Kylie T.

    I find some good stuff there got all Maya’s bday stuff there n Kelsies laptops lol

  • Leah T.

    Best keep looking now before they shut it down xx

  • Kylie T.

    Yeh I’m gonna check it out over bank holiday for Xmas presents to put away

  • James M.

    They're not going anywhere. Sales spin :wink:

  • Cat M.

    I know I’ve just seen direct is still gonna be there it’s just combined with groceries then the delivery takes longer. They should really be advertising this better

  • Katy L.

    Looks like they are just combining into one online trading platform :-)

  • Katie K.

    I work for tesco and haven’t heard anything

    • Lisa D.

      It’s on sky news It’s very much true

  • Simon N.

    We received email today, they will stop Tesco Direct but in future add more items to standard Tesco site. x

  • Alyson M.

    I know! Shocking! Although I can’t believe how healthy my bank balance will be haha x

  • Mary M.

    Oh no.... how will I cope ??:sob:

  • Isobel L.

    Dont use them very often x

  • Jaye T.

    I know, not happy, use it all the time! Xx

  • Alan H.

    I heard that on the radio on the way home. I'm astonished. Apparently it's losing money.

  • Saffron G.

    Yeah I just found out about it tonight

  • Christopher E.

    I found out earlier today. Shocked to be honest but i note that tesco.com will handle home,dining and toys orders but deliveries will take longer. What i think is particularly shocking is how quickly they are closing down the direct platform. Really feel for the workers...some 500 odd i read are losing their jobs. I dont know though if any will be redeployed in nearby stores as an alternative to redundancy. Not all receive much money from a redundancy package.

  • Richard S.

    I don’t know. I saw Cheryl tag you and i thought it was the thing to do when ever you see Tesco Direct..?

  • Emma G.

    I know :scream: get what you want before it all changes! Xx

  • Lesley G.

    No!! I have had three orders this week alone. X

  • Matt T.

    Jason already broke the news to him, only a few pence difference

  • Leanne T.

    I know no more shopping online at tescod

  • Alison D.

    I know I got an email :persevere::persevere:

  • Nicola T.

    Oh no! Love a toy bargain !

  • Joan E.

    I ordered a chair in April kept making excuses to why I havnt received it yet. They told me 2 weeks ago there waiting for the material and w/o t be in till 4th June. I'm furious they had 6 weeks to tell me this. I hope what's happened won't affect my order

  • Joan E.

    Will this affect my order of a chair I made in May

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