Say Goodbye To Disney On Netflix

Say Goodbye To Disney On Netflix

Well I don't know about you, but I never saw this coming! Disney are to withdraw all their content from Netflix - that means movies, series and the likes. What will me and the kids watch on a lazy Sunday Morning?

Fear not, nothing will disappear until the end of 2019, so you can still kick back and enjoy some good ol' fashioned fairy tales for now.

Why oh why? Disney is to launch their own standalone streaming service in the future, so of course they will want to have the upper hand by being the only ones to offer Disney Films and Programmes.

I can feel a Disney binge coming on now....

How do you feel about this? Will it affect whether you continue to subscribe to Netflix or will you switch to the new Streaming service by Disney?

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  • Nevenka P.

    Not a surprise as they are heavily pushing people to sign up to Disney Life

  • Vicki S.

    We have Disney life - kids love it

    • Carla C.

      Been considering this, does it have the films and series on to watch like Netflix?

    • Vicki S.

      Yes, all movies, all series, music too like movie soundtracks and can also watch live whatever's showing on the Disney channels at the time. Its really good for £5 a month (I'm on a months free trial but will be keeping) we don't have sky or even TV - I cancelled my license. Everything we watch is through Netflix, disney life, catch up channels online or YouTube. You can have up to 6 devices set up with Disney life too xx

    • Emma B.

      I thort you had to have a licence for streaming?

    • Vicki S.

      Live streaming yes - we don't live stream xx

    • Kerry D.

      Technically I think you need a license to watch catch up channels? Certainly BBC iplayer wants you to click to say you have a license before you access anything?

    • Vicki S.

      Don't use iplayer. I haven't watched anything tv wise for years. Refuse to pay for something I do not use/need

    • Vicki S.

      It really is - my 9 year old was so excited to be able to watch the stuff she used to watch a few years ago when we had sky :)

    • Vicki S.

      Thank you Helen, I had someone round from TVL a few weeks after I'd cancelled, all was fine :grin:

  • Natasha W.

    We have Disney life anyway

  • Elizabeth M.

    Disney have Disney life. We use that and Netflix.

  • Gemma P.

    They stopped having Disney films on ages ago from Disney brought out Disney life. X

  • Michael L.

    Yeap ages ago. Sky brought the rights to have them on demand on sky

  • Jenna M.

    Aww. Loads to watch anyways... as long as my box sets don't go :joy: x

  • Kara L.

    I might watch moana again

  • Maxine B.

    Gd job we have disney life :grin:

  • Craig D.

    Disney Life might get better and be put on more devices x

  • Claire M.

    This must have been some time ago, as I've never seen anything by Disney on Netflix...

  • Gareth F.

    Ha ha yes, then someone will come up with a genius system to login to one place to view everything in a few more years

  • Chloe H.

    That's why I brought the Disney life app :tired_face::joy:

  • Amy B.

    Didn't realize there was much Disney on there's either Pokémon or Peppa Pig on Netflix lol

  • Jo C.

    haha I have both thank god:laughing:

  • Chris W.

    no no no no no :-( we will have to get all the watching in quick.

  • Adam L.

    I know I saw this earlier, is there that much on there..??? xx

  • Abi K.

    :see_no_evil::see_no_evil: when I move out I'll get NowTV I think :joy::joy:

  • Jennifer F.

    I have Netflix and virgin, hayu and Disney life. I probably need to cut back somewhere :joy:

  • Leah A.

    There is much Disney in there anyway most was removed ages ago used to be loads!

  • Roz L.

    I've got 2 years then hahaha xxxx

  • Lynsey M.

    There's hardly any Disney content on Netflix anyway. If you do a search for Disney about 6 things come up.

  • Penny H.

    Already have Disney life. Has music and books too Well worth the fiver a month.

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