Ryan Gosling And Eva Mendes Settle On A Name For Baby Girl Gosling

Eva Mendes Ryan Gosling Esmerelda Amada

I try - oh, how I try - to steer clear of muttering about the weird and wacky names that celebrities choose to bestow upon their precious offspring, but even I raised an eyebrow when I heard what Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes have reportedly named their child.

Drumroll please...

The baby, who must surely have inherited some of the best bone structure in the world, has been called Esmerelda Gosling.

Eva, who hails from Cuba, presumably sought inspiration from her Spanish roots. Spanish for both 'beloved' and 'emerald', Esmerelda is of course also the name of the girl that Quasimodo falls in love with in Victor Hugo's classic novel The Hunchback Of Notre-Dame.

And yes, there's a Disney movie of the book.

But I can only assume that Eva and Ryan didn't try the ultimate trick for testing out your prospective baby names - yelling it across the park to see how it sounds in every day life. I am surely not the only one who hears poor old Quasimodo's voice ringing in my ears as he moans his love's name forlornly across the bell tower, am I?

Well, am I? Or do you think Esmerelda is a beautiful and original name?

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