Robbie Williams Live Blogs As Wife Ayda Field Gives Birth To Second Child

Robbie Williams

I love Robbie Williams, I really, really do. In fact at one stage of my misspent youth I had my sights set on one day becoming Mrs Robbie Williams. But right at this moment I'm kinda glad I failed in that mission.

Why? Because the real Mrs Robbie Williams - his gorgeous wife, Ayda Field - appears to be in labour with the couple's second child, and Robbie seems to be passing the time by documenting the entire adventure in a series of live video messages and photographs shared on YouTube and social media.

The videos are a mixture of hilarious and toe-curling, with Ayda appearing to segue from upbeat and in great spirits in one, to vaguely annoyed with Rob in the next. At one point he starts singing 'Let It Go' from the Disney movie Frozen, and Ayda quips 'Babe, can you stop singing Frozen?'

He also shared the snap above of Ayda's stiletto-clad ankles, which I can't help think suggests that the parents-to-be weren't exactly planning on an outing to the hospital when they left the house.

Robbie and Ayda are already parents to a two-year-old daughter, Theodora Rose.

Hmm. Watch this space for more news, or keep tabs on Robbie's Twitter account...

*EDITED TO ADD*... It's a boy! And in Robbie's final update the singer said he had 'never been more proud' of his wife. Awww...

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