RECALL: Nursery Time Baby Headbands

RECALL: Nursery Time Baby Headbands

If you have any Baby Headbands for your little one then you need to check them against this recall, as the company that make Nursery Time Baby Headbands has recalled their entire range of headbands due to a choking risk.

There was an issue identified with one particular headband where the diamante decoration may become detached and present a choking hazard for babies and small children, and while the issue is being investigated the company are recalling all their baby headbands as a precaution.

Here are the items affected:

GP-2512-0623 (Baby Girls Headband Set)
GP-2515-0637 (Baby Girls Socks and Headband Set - Pink Flower)
GP-2515-0638 (Baby Girls Socks and Headband Set - White Flower)

GP-2515-0639 (Baby Girls Socks and Headband Set - Pink Spots)
GP-2515-0640 (Baby Girls Socks and Headband Set - Pink Flower)
GP-2515-0641 (Baby Girls Headband - Pink Flower)

GP-2515-0642 (Baby Girls Headband - White Flower)
GP-2515-0643 (Baby Girls Headband - White Ribbon)
GP-2515-0644 (Baby Girls Headband - Pink Ribbon)

GP-2515-0655 (Baby Socks and Headband Set - Pink Flower)
GP-2515-0656 (Baby Socks and Headband Set - Red Flower)
GP-2515-0657 (Baby Socks and Headband Set - Navy Flower)

GP-2515-0658 (Baby Socks and Headband Set - Black Dots)
GP-2515-0659 (Baby Headband - White Flower)
GP-2515-0660 (Baby Headband - Pink Flower)

GP-2515-0661 (Baby Headband - Black Spots)

Pink Lace Headband Style No. GP2515-0641

You can see the full recall along with pictures to make it easeir to identify the products affected here on the manufacturers website.

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  • Siobhan W.

    Yeah she's never had it on yet thank god xx

  • Sheena V. Great list, just found 3 pairs of swimming shorts I bought my son are on it from August! Ordered them online from George so you think they'd have emailed customers who ordered online!

    • PlayPennies

      We always feature any from trading standards that are likely to have been bought by parents, we check there daily as stores don't always contact customers direct. We posted the swim shorts at the time, sorry you missed those Sheena:

  • Christina S.

    I was actually looking at that style of hairband but thought daisy will try to eat that!!!

  • Thomas

    For your information: as mentioned also on the trading standards page linked above, it is only the headband GP-2515-0641 that is affected (note that this is not the item pictured above but that shown at ).

    The initial recall in Dec. 2015 was done for all items only as a precautionary measure whilst further tests were being made. It turned out that for this one item GP-2515-0641 the diamante was glued rather than sewn as for all the other styles. None of the other styles have failed any tests and are thus safe to use (certificates exist).


    (Web Admin)

    Sheldon International (Importer and Distributor)

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