RECALL: My First Doll Toys From John Lewis

John Lewis Recalls Toy Dolls

John Lewis has issued a safety recall on 4 styles of My First Doll toys due to safety concerns. The store has said that they are recalling them "as there is a risk part of the eye may become detached and present a potential choking hazard".

The four items affected are as follows:

785 00120 / 785 00122 My first doll, girl

785 00121 My first doll, boy

785 00124 Baby twin set

78500127 My first doll bumper set

This recall only affects batch codes 1702 and 1703 which can be found on the barcode label on the back of the box and the sew-in label; however if yours is from a different batch and you remain concerned John Lewis has stated that they will still refund it.

If you have bought one of these items since 27 September 2017, you should stop using it and return it to your nearest John Lewis or Waitrose Food & Home shop for a full refund. As this is a recall no proof of purchase should be needed.

You can read the recall notice in full on the John Lewis website* and on the Trading Standards website.

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  • Heather E.

    That’s the one I’ve bought!! It’s unopened in my car!

  • Jade P.

    Yeah we checked it...all good :thumbsup: thanks anyway hun xx

  • Susie C.

    I think it is only last years model. We got ours in 2016 but will check the labels x

  • Lyndsey U.

    . These are the ones Hannah and Emily have. Haven't checked the label yet though xx

    • Diane C.

      The batch code is the 1702 thats on hannahs doll. X

    • Lyndsey U.

      Aw balls. Emily's will be the same then. I'll take them back at the weekend. Now where do I tell Emily that baby Doris has gone? :thinking: x

  • Hayley N.

    Oh gosh well we do have one but bought early 2017! Our outfit is different! Boys and their dolls :see_no_evil:

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