RECALL: Medela Issues Recall On 3 Breast Pump Ranges

Medela Issues Breast Pump Recall

Edit: Medela's PR team have been in touch and told us the following: Just wanted to clarify the details - it is not a recall but a voluntary plug replacement program. Medela breast pumps themselves are not affected.

Do you own a Medela Breast Pump? If so you need to know about the recall that has been issued on certain breast pump ranges and models.

The recall is in place due to reports of UK parents receiving electric shocks when a detachable power plug allegedly broke apart. The recall applies to all models that have a detachable power plug.

The Medela breast pumps with affected detachable power plugs are:

  • Swing Maxi
  • Swing
  • Freestyle

Here are the product numbers that are affected:

  • Product numbers Swing maxi:

200.4726, 040.0005, 040.0007, 040.0010, 040.0014, 040.0015, 040.0016, 040.0019, 040.0024

  • Product numbers Freestyle:

042.0009, 042.0011, 042.0013, 042.0013 01, 042.0015, 099.0272, 099.0274

  • Product numbers Swing:

200.4730, 030.0030, 030.0032, 030.0035, 030.0039, 030.0039 01, 030.0043, 030.0044, 030.0048, 030.0052, 030.0056, 030.0057, 099.0017

If you have one of these products with the above model number then you will be entitled to a replacement power plug. Medela are keen to stress that the breast pump themselves is not affected. The company has launched a voluntary replacement program for any parents in the UK with affected products - UK (type G) detachable power plugs - to swap their parts. You can find out more information here*.

If you have one of the models that are affected, as a precautionary measure, Medela asks customers to comply with the following:

  • While removing an affected power supply adapter for UK sockets, please remove the plug slowly and deliberately, apply as little force as possible, and handle the whole adapter with utmost attention and caution. If you apply a certain level of force, an affected detachable power plug might break apart.
  • If the detachable power plug breaks, turn off the power source before removing it from the wall. Remove the detachable power plug from the power socket and do not use it before a replacement is sent to you.
  • You may use the breast pumps Swing and Swing Maxi with batteries instead of the affected power supply adapter.
  • If you have an affected detachable power plug for UK sockets, please contact Medela immediately.

In order to get your replacement detachable wall plug you will need to fill out the Registration Form*.

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  • Sheetal P.

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  • Victoria W.

    They'll exchange instantly as well! At least it's not from the internet and you have to return by post etc...xx

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