High Street Recall Lists: February 2015

High Street Recall Lists: February 2015


Every now and then it's worth checking recall lists of the retailers that you shop with. If there's a manufacturing flaw with an item that you have purchased then it's up to you to find out. Unfortunately, even in this day and age no-one will write or phone you to tell you to return it. That's why we like to check these lists ourselves and bring them to your notice.

The ones that's caught my attention and are very popular retailer with the readers of PlayPennies are Argos, Mothercare. So, here's the recall lists:

  • Mothercare*: Just two current items on the newest list which isn't bad when you consider the amount of stock lines they carry. The Stokke Trailz* and the Rosebud Country Dolls House*.
  • Argos*: A lengthy list of various household/beauty and baby items. Well worth a look, as it's somewhere a lot of us shop.
  • Toys R Us*: Quite good really, not anything recent on their list.
  • Matalan*: Just Christmas Candles on their list so if you got a Matalan candle as a gift then you might want to take a look.
  • Asda*: Quite a few items for recall from Asda including  certain Cow & Gate Sweet Squash and Chicken Jars. Worth a look if you shop with them.

Take the time to have a quick scan of the items, it can be worth it. Another good site to check for food is the Food Standards Agency who alert any problems with any foods sold in the supermarkets. You can look, here.


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