RECALL: Lidl Gravy Granules Recalled Due To Chemical Contamination

Recall: Lidl Gravy Granules

Lidl have issued an urgent recall on two of their Kania Gravy Granule products as they contain unsafe levels of a chemical used in paint thinner.

The Food Standards agency said that the contamination affected two batches of Kania Gravy Granules, which were found to contain xylene. The affected products are Kania Gravy Granules for Meat 300g and Kania Gravy Granules For Chicken 300g, with a best before date of October 2017 and November 2017.

Customers have been advised not to eat the products, and return them to the supermarket for a full refund.

Lidl has said it takes the issue "very seriously" and is working with its supplier to identify the cause.

Xylene is a petrochemical used as a solvent in products such as paints and inks, and exposure to xylene in food products represents a health risk as it can cause adverse effects such as headache, dizziness, nausea and vomiting.

You can read the full recall notice on the Food Standards Agency website here.

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  • Hannah B.

    this is why I have lidl trust issues

  • Stacey P.

    Just checked mine and both have the use by date. Could explain why my partner have eldest haven't felt good the last 2 days :unamused:

  • Catherine O.

    Nope haven't bought this x

  • Rachael S.

    Thanks for sharing. I have these.

  • Tish E.

    Simon like that one I stick with my posh bisto x

  • Victoria L.

    Problem is with it being a Short ish date chances are this was made ages ago and put on the shelves, bought and consumed which is obviously a little late

    • Susan M.

      It's a year from now use by date

    • Victoria L.

      i know but gravy tends to have a couple year shelf life. It may have been from a while back

  • Michelle S.

    But not the gravey, Thankfully. Only Bisto will do :blush::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

  • Georgina N.

    Quite a lot of foods have these chemicals in this is just at a raised level. Unless you're drinking buckets of gravy I doubt it's much to worry about

  • Christine L.

    I have used it before ,but using BISTO at the moment ...phew xx

  • Karen R.

    Cheers, no more gravy for your dinner lol x

  • Serena M.

    I have this in cupboard!:speak_no_evil:

  • Kerrie G.

    B I S T O .... Bisto bisto!

  • Vicki W.

    Make sure you throw them away xx

  • Vicki W.

    Oh just saw, take them back for a refund xx

  • Cath A.

    Lucky I don't use much but mark does :-/

  • Becca D.

    What Ever is in it, it tastes nice Pmsl.... it's the horse burgers again lol xx

  • Lynsey W.

    I have bought this and eaten this and just seen it! What is recommended i do?? I have had a sore throat etc xx

    • Lynsey W.

      Also 2 young children have been eating this?! X

  • Colin M.

    Is that the cause o my ills xxx

  • Rick C.

    Oh no, not the gravy granules. Is nothing sacred anymore? :-)

  • Lorraine A.

    Ffs I'll chuck it Monday !

  • Bob M.

    Bit late I've just finished some!

  • Anlowe1

    ive eaten some just started with stomach pains.  And dizziness.   Already got headache sore throat. I used a full carton before the warning. And a quarter of this one. ive given the rest to my son to save in case of me becomming seriously ill .my children were brought up on brand products. 

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