RECALL: Cath Kidston Kids Drinking Bottles

RECALL: Cath Kidston Kids Drinking Bottles

Cath Kidston have issues a recall on several Kids Drinking Bottles due to a potential choking hazard.

They have identified an issue with their Kids Drinking Bottles where the silicone tip of the straw may come loose and could present a choking hazard.

The Kids Drinking Bottles affected are as follows:

  • Hankie Rose, item number 694384
  • Pets Party, item number 694261
  • Hampstead, Ditsy item number 694360
  • Marching Band, item number 694346
  • Construction Site, 694377

The bottles affected were on sale between 12 June 2017 and 14 August 2017.

Customers who purchased this product, or received it as a gift, should stop using it immediately, and return it to any Cath Kidston store for a full refund.

Alternatively you can Cath Kidston customer services on 0333 320 2663 or via email at

You can read the recall notice in full on the Cath Kidston website here*.

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  • Lisa S.

    All kids back to school and now.... they recall :clap:

  • Lauren M.

    should have been recalled ages ago when I first messaged them on Facebook telling them!!! Because I had binned it they didn't want to know. Awful!

    • Sue I.

      Yea they should. Terrible.

  • Sarah C.

    Glad I didn't buy one now :grimacing:

  • Nicky S.

    Bought one from Asda do i return it to them??

    • Victoria S.

      These are Cath Kidston products which can't be bought from Asda xx

  • Kerry H.

    Yes but i got mine last year so think ther e ok xx

  • Sandra M.

    You are having a laugh....soooooo annoyed

  • Hannah W.

    No I got an email before about it .. I where looking at them for the boys but didn't get chance to order xc

  • Tammi M.

    Ours got put in the bin for this exact reason so she no longer has one anymore x

  • Rachel S.

    How annoying he had only used it for like 2 weeks!

  • Tammi M.

    Nope not at all I think the spout needs to be plastic rather than rubber so kids can't bite it off x

  • Ashleigh C.

    Luckily I didn't get one!

  • Sarah-marie T.

    What about the bigger style ones aswell the drinking straw comes pff aswell cx

  • Charlotte F.

    Thanks Hun I'm taking the girls ones back tomorrow!x

  • Stacey B.

    We have the cowboy one. Luckily not listed xx

  • Amy B.

    Just saw this, it's only between June and August! But hers is broken

  • Jessie M.

    I no I need to send Finley's back thanks for that Hun xx

  • Ellie P.

    Yep we have two of the pink ones!

  • Barbara G.

    I do! Better check it out. X

  • Barbara G.

    It's okay, ours is the cowboy one from last year. X

  • Zoe J.

    I have one but a different pattern :smirk: xx

  • Lisa C.

    Yes they are using the blue construction vehicles bottle. Thanks for tagging me!!

  • Gemma L.

    Thanks I've contacted them as this is the one I brought for Scarlett

  • Lisa C.

    Yes thanks and I'm off to Cheshire oaks tomorrow and they have a store there but not sure if they will accept them being an outlet store??? The link says to return to any store... so I assume it should be fine.

  • Emily S.

    I know!!! They emailed me :scream::scream::scream: such a shame I love that little flask xx

  • Rachel M.

    I have 2 of these aswel :confused:

  • Lindsey J.

    Thanks! I'm not sure if we apply because we brought in April but it's made me want to take it back! X

  • Denise H.

    Nope thank god a was goni buy jay one last week xx

  • Zoe T.

    Yes, I'm going to return it

  • Ruth P.

    I got a email. We haven't had any problems but going take Jacobs back xxx

  • Samantha W.

    Thank you! We bought ours last year so I don't think we're affected. Just says ones purchased between June 2017 and August 2017 xx

  • Lisa T.

    I did the animals 1 I'll have to take it back xxx

  • Kayleigh B.

    I just read the full post so it's only certain styles that have a fault apparently... but still think we'll put that bottle away! :see_no_evil: xx

  • Emily D.

    Yeah it's the same cup just a different type of design! I chucked mine jodes, it was leaking and the silicone tip was slipping off :scream: xx

  • Nicki R.

    No mate didn't even know they did them lol xf

  • Kylie H.

    That's okay then thought I'd tag u just incase lol xx

  • Nicki R.

    Yea cause being cath kidson I'd probably would have brought it lol xx

  • Jodie W.

    Nightmare ! It's a good job you threw it out then xx

  • Nicki R.

    She had another two since then we went Plymouth few weeks back she went mad for a purse think I've rubbed off on her :joy: xx

  • Emily D.

    Definitely! Shocking for £6 xx

  • Lisa P.

    Just seen that x Luckily no x x x

  • Sarah L.

    No thank the lord! I had the email :flushed::see_no_evil::heart:

  • Kerry B.

    Yes I had an email today about it will sort out when you get back X

  • Emma M.

    Oh ok that's cool I wasn't sure if it was the same one xx

  • Kirsty M.

    Oh god yeh! I literally just binned mine yest cos had got all tatty around the spout! X

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